Life Is a Mummer’s Play

You have become included in a program of mere mummery, or a game of play-acting, wherein the players are never actually identified. They are only referred to as if they were identified. Only the mask, the appearing body, is pointed at. 

The appearing body is the conditional “I”, when the pointer is pointed toward the presumed “self-body”—and the appearing body is the conditional “you” when any so-called “other” is pointed to as an apparent body, a mask, a player, a mummer, a physically apparent other that is not thoroughly analyzed. 

However, the merely conditional referent of either the word “I” or the word “you” does not account for either the Self-Evident Reality-“I” or the Self-Evident Reality-“you”. The Self-Evident Reality-“I” and the Self-Evident Reality-“you” Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness.

The universe is mummery. 
You have not actually differentiated an “I” from others. 
“I” is a presumption in language—and a presumption in mind—
that is not inspected. 

You do not have an underlying direct awareness of “I”. You have not known the “I”. You make superficial references to the “I” that have to do only with an artificially (and merely conditionally) presumed identity—a mummer, a mere characterization, one-liners and shirts. “I” is not defined.

You do not know what Reality Is. You do not know what the world is. You do not know anything. You are a talking fool, you see. It is an absurdity—this mummery of language and of experiencing and of trouble. It is foolishness. It is non-Reality. It is mummery only. That mummery takes the form of the first six stages of life.

All the modes of manifestation and conversation that correspond to the sixth stage of life are modes of egoity. Therefore, even the conversations between Sages and their devotees are mummery. All is mummery, except for the sheer Self-Evidence of Reality Itself, directly Self-Manifested, without any introduction of limitation.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj



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