The Ruchira Dham Event:  

“The Earth Is Not The Same”

In some sense, I — As I Am — 

First Appeared here in the year 2000.

In some sense, I — As I Am Was only “on the way” to here 

before the Ruchira Dham Event…..

A Profound Process Began, 

Which has Been Unfolding since That Great Event of Yogic Death….

The Happenings That have Occurred 

since the Divine Avataric Event at Ruchira Dham Hermitage 

Are All ‘Outer’ Signs of the Divine Avataric Process 

That Is the Direct Self-Revelation 

of My Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

The Boundless Self-Confession


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