The Avatar Is Here

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The same One who was acknowledged as the Divine Person, who was Jesus, who was Krishna, who was Shirdi Sai Baba, who was all the various incarnations of the Purusha, is alive in this moment, precisely and exactly. 
This Truth is what you must understand, see, feel, and confess, and on its basis you will surrender to me and serve me rightly. 
True devotees Realize the Divine Nature of their Spiritual Master to the point that his or her physical embodiment is no longer necessary. They remain associated with him as the Purusha even after his death. 
Even all devotees after the death of the Spiritual Master are associated with the same One, and they acknowledge that One as the One in Whom the world is arising and Who is present and available for direct and present Love-Communion. 
It is not necessary that the Spiritual Master be constantly embodied. The embodiment of the Spiritual Master is God’s necessary means for transforming the world. The transforming process having been established, however, the human lifetime of the Spiritual Master can come to an end. 
It will come to an end in any case, since the birth of the human Spiritual Master obeys the laws of Nature. He appears for a time and then dies.
If devotees can realize a perfect and full association with me, then my physical death, whenever it must occur, will not be an impediment to the process of world transformation, nor must the Purusha immediately reincarnate. The incarnation of the Purusha has only a specific and short-term purpose. 
What does it say in the Bhagavad Gita? “When the paths of Life are corrupt, when the Law of Life is corrupt, then I come into the world.” To do what? To reestablish the Law. Having reestablished it, I need not come again, because I am the Divine Person, the Living One, the Principle of existence. 
Once the Law is reestablished, then the embodiment of the Purusha becomes unnecessary. The embodiment of the Purusha is necessary only for the establishment of the Law of Life.
Whether my birth and my association with people can represent the force of some great age, a great transformation of the world, is to be seen. My work can be relatively modest and local, as Shirdi Sai Baba’s work was in his lifetime, or my work can be associated with a global transformation. 
It will depend on recognition, surrender, and acceptance of a lawful order of existence by many, many, many people.

Beloved Adi Da Samraj
Om Ma Da


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