Bruce Bunny and the Amazing Mortimer

Bruce didn’t know what was wrong that night. Everything felt peculiar.  He and Morty had done this trick a thousand times before without ever missing a beat.

Tonight was different though. The lights were too bright for his sensitive pink eyes, and Morty was still mad at him for insisting on the “Elizabethan collar”. It was to stop him from scratching the nasty new eczema outbreak on the back of his big egg-head. 

“It all seems so predictable and shallow” thought Bruce, as he stared out from the top hat into the expecting eyes of what was now a packed-house at Mama’s Supper Club.  “What the hell am I doing in this ridiculous, pointless show?  I’m TEN years old for God’s sake!”  

And then suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, Bruce hopped from the hat with all his strength, and raced away from that dingy nightclub as fast as he could, leaving Morty dumbfounded and all alone to face the restless, angry crowd.  Bruce soon made his way to a beautiful nearby forest to begin again and find a peaceful home.


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