The Divine Must Kiss You and Vanish You

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Many of My devotees have experienced My Spiritual Blessing. Most of you here could describe experiences at one time or another or even now, because That Blessing is Who I Am. You have the experience, but you are not prepared for it. You cannot deal with it, you cannot make a life out of it, you cannot do the Yoga, because you are fussing over your ordinary life-insanity. 
You keep wanting to come to Me for lesser reasons and preoccupy Me and all My Time and Life with addressing you and your worldly insanity, and especially all your emotional-sexual disaster of seeking. 
You are endlessly fussing, reacting, indulging yourself, looking for another reason to do so, confused by the daily news and worldly opportunity and insanity of subhuman civilization that is destroying, killing people night and day, perpetually. And you call that an argument to refuse the religious life, to refuse the Divine.
All the half-baked literature you read is not about it either. It is just a piece of it here and there—a little something rose up, somebody felt a little better, they made a big book, made a religion. It is lunacy everywhere, mayhem, separateness, everywhere dramatized in every form, including religion. 
After all the struggles of recent centuries, it seems that everyone is getting down to babbling to the death again about the theologies developed in the Middle-East and the Western world in the last 2000-3000 years. 

After all of that, it is going to come down to some Armageddon 
of these separate theologies murdering everybody?

That is civilization? What does it have to do with the great esoteric Divine matter? Do not collect like mice to suffer this. Do not ignore Me, making nothing of My Revelation to you. You think you can bypass discipline and fail to straighten out your life-business and still be religious. What kind of insanity is that?
Show Me one Realizer ever, of any degree, who refused that discipline. There are none. The prerequisite for any Spiritual growth, whatever form it may take, even in the egoic evolutionary terms, is the disciplining of this life-vehicle, the purification of sub-human and ordinary human existence. 

Do you think you can bypass it because you live 
in this friendly egalitarian time? 
Everybody thinks they can bullshit one another 
and believe the latest paperback or television garbage

You want to perpetually come into My Company unprepared for My Spiritual Blessing and call that the “Way of the Heart”. Understand that you have to deal with life, straighten it out, purify it, make it straight, prepare yourself for the Divine Intervention.
That is necessary, or you die by your own hand, your own reaction, your own self-contraction. You are dying from it now. You are all like death-bed patients with your endless struggle and seeking and suffering. There is no God in that, no Truth in it. 

You take everything lightly, including Me. 
I am just some token amusement, 
some commercial or other, another weekend of distraction,
 after which you just go back and do the same damn thing over again.
The prerequisite of religion is the purification of the ordinary life. That is why there is hardly any religion in the world except that—just commands to somehow or other straighten out or socialize the ordinary ego. 
All the rest of religion is more or less anathema, forgotten about, because nobody will even do that foundation thing. Most of the time they just use it for some excuse to hate everybody else who is not in the cult.
The conventional Yogis, being ego-bound—seeking God, not having found God, unaware of God for real, because they are self-bound and separated out and enduring only their own natural destiny, karmically—think that the way to realize God is to somehow stimulate natural force at the base of the body, to raise up the sex-force and whatever energy they can, by somebody’s touch, or by breathing exercises, or by concentration, and somehow drag it up through the spinal line through stimulations of the nervous system, which is just as possible in psychosis. 
It is a natural possibility. It is just not about God-Realization Ultimately. This is how they think. This is what they promote—by bringing it all up and somehow vanishing out of the top of the head, you discover God. But very few ever get there. 

Those who do experience something of the Divine—
because they vanish the natural appearance of themselves 
without loss of ego (the self-contraction most subtly)—
they imagine they have the great discovery, 
the great Enlightenment. 
They have found something. They have evolved to a degree. But they have not gone beyond the evolution of egoity. They do not know that the God they seek was there from the beginning. They were too egoically “self-possessed” to Commune with That One and be released, Awakened. 

The spinal Yogic search is just as much ego-bound 
as all other ordinary human endeavors.

I have all of those experiences complete, every last fraction of them. They are not God-Realizing in and of themselves. They are not final and Accomplished. They are rooted in egoity and in conditionality. The Way to Realize God is to Commune with God, to receive God. Is that not clear? How could it be otherwise? 
To be ego-bound, egoically “self-possessed”, self-contracted, you can look in every direction through the structure of the body-mind to find That One. These are the ordinary efforts, the evolutionary efforts, of mankind.
The Great Process comes about when the Divine Intervenes, Appears, Incarnates, Blesses, Teaches the understanding of the transcendence of egoity, so that the direct Divine Blessing may be received, and the Great Divine Yoga may be entered into. 
This is what I Do. If you ask Me if anyone has done it before, I cannot recall anyone. Who else could it be anyway? It is so. The Divine must Intervene. That is why I am here—for this Great and Spiritual Process and Purpose, which requires the transcendence of egoity from the beginning, not at the end. 
If it only occurred at the end, then the search is justified and that is mapped out by six stages. And it is impossible to go any further, because if you are to go into the Divine, the Divine must Kiss you, Embrace you, Take you Over, Vanish you, Destroy you. It must be so.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Spoken to us all on February 12th, 1993

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