He Reveals the Mysteries of Birth and Death

DEVOTEE: If I fail to Realize the Divine in this lifetime, what are the possibilities of my being reborn again in human form and continuing to be Your devotee? That is one of the deepest feelings I have.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: It is inevitable, if the Law requires it.
DEVOTEE: The traditional point of view is that it is very valuable to have a human birth. This seems to suggest that a human birth is difficult to achieve.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Relative to all the other kinds of births that are conceived to be possible, in other words, when compared to other kinds of births that are less than human. 

It is said that it is a unique opportunity to be born in human form 
in terms of other possible incarnations in the gross realm—
amoebas, mosquitoes, foxes, 
whales, gorillas, Neanderthals. 

Among them the most auspicious is the human birth. The traditional pronouncement does not take into account all the other possible kinds of what could be incarnational forms within the entire expanse of the Cosmic Mandala. The traditional notion is simply making a comparison with, in general, gross forms of birth. 
And therefore you are cautioned to “mind your P’s and Q’s” so that you will not take on a lesser form, since, from the point-of-view of those traditions, it is presumed that a gross rebirth is inevitable. Therefore, “mind your P’s and Q’s” so that your next birth will be a human one. That is the logic of such pronouncements.
DEVOTEE: There is another aspect to it also, in the actual physical event of human birth itself. Millions of sperms struggle to enter one egg. I was wondering if there is a correlation between the struggle of millions of sperms to fertilize the egg and the struggle to achieve a human incarnation.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: They are not all deeper personalities shooting for the egg! [Laughter.] They are just gross manifestations, not even really competing with one another, but driving home to the egg. You do not have a bunch of deeper personalities in your balls who have to pay you a couple of bucks to let them in! No. There are no deeper personalities in the testicles of males. 

The deeper personality becomes associated with an 
already joined unit of reproduction, 
and only progressively so even in that case.

ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Does that have something to do with the fact that sometimes there are miscarriages?
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Many things have to do with miscarriages.
DEVOTEE: But is that a possible reason, that there is no deeper personality associated with the physical manifestation?
ADI DA SAMRAJ: It might be, or it might not be. The joining of the sperm and the egg is not the manifestation of the deeper personality, a being about to incarnate. 
The association is progressive, and it occurs from a distance. The deeper personality eventually joins. It is a very mysterious matter, and there is not an absolute time frame for it either.
ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, haven’t You said that Your deeper personality did not associate with the gross personality until after You were two years old?
ADI DA SAMRAJ: In terms of the fullest agreement for Incarnation. At about two years old or so, that is when the conjunction was truly manifested.
DEVOTEE: And that is when the Sign of the “Bright” truly manifested?
ADI DA SAMRAJ: In this committed sense, but only surrounding the body. Who was it yesterday who wanted Me to talk about how to practice after death?
DEVOTEE: I was wondering how to find You again.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: By practicing in this lifetime and giving yourself up completely without even any limitations that would make another birth. Your character and your life altogether at death will determine the future. 

Throw yourself to Me completely, 
and then the circumstance of your practice will be revealed. 

You cannot account for it, so I tell you what to do in this lifetime, and up to the time of death, and at the moment of death. 
Adhering to My Instruction is your business, not trying to prefigure the after-death circumstance of your possible practice. Begin the process with your practice in this lifetime. Otherwise your future is a throw of the dice. And there are no guarantees.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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