Grow Beyond the Psychotic Wheel of Lights

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I don’t just see the images on the “TV set”. I see all these wheels revolving and resistors, capacitors, and strange waves, and all the rest of it, the insanity of that projection. I see the machine in its futility, its non-necessity. 
But as an effect, or as an appearance, I see also the suffering inherent in its continuation. So for me there is no delight, no great solution involved in going “in and up”, going into the mind realms. 
I see the wheels turning there, see all the craziness, out of which these images develop. I don’t just see them congeal into the discrete images on the screen. I see them just before they even become that, before the brain makes sense out of it. 

I see this psychotic wheel of lights, 
the infinite fractions, 
its cellular parts,
 just about to show a discrete image. 

When you can see that, you feel profoundly uncomfortable, and are never comfortable, even with the discrete image.
So being incapable of being consoled by software or hardware, the spell was broken in my case. What this demonstrates is the ultimate virtue of discomfort, the inability to be consoled. It’s a kind of discomfort obviously, but it is the Ultimate Means. It is that which puts us into intimate association with the Ultimate Means.
We try to blind ourselves to that, to be unconscious of it and simply seek to be consoled, during waking, dreaming or sleeping. 

The spell will not be broken. 

We will experience discomfort only, as an effect in our own apparatus. We’ll be afraid and sorrowful, angry and physically uncomfortable, mentally uncomfortable and distracted, and so on.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Spoken to us all on November 24th, 1982

©2010 ASA.


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