Same-Gender Discrimination Nonsense?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, the discrimination against homosexuals is nonsense. What did you ever do to become a homosexual? Did you command it from birth? You never did. 

Genetic or social? 
So what? 
Who cares? 

Because of the politics of the time, if you are homosexual, you must mock yourself, hide in the closet, and muscle up in the streets to somehow find an allowance of freedom to live. 
Among people there are so many differences that are genetically inherited, socially received, intrusions, adaptations–everybody is different. 
Tolerance, cooperation, love, wisdom–this is the word, not only My Word but the word that has come down through all the ages. There should be no digression from it. 

Nothing less than tolerance should be acceptable. 
Everything else should be shouted at vigorously. 
Everybody is in the same boat here.

This does not mean you must be a social activist. Just be without hate, and do not mock yourself and your lineage of ordinary life. Do not do it at all. And do not mock Reality. It is all in God, and That is all there Is. 
You are not going to make a utopia on Earth with this disposition, but you can make a circumstance of sadhana for everyone. That is what should happen–not utopia but sadhana.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

From “I Am the Divine World-Teacher”
Spoken to us all on December 4, 1992

©2010 ASA

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