Why War Must No Longer Be Allowed

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Until the twentieth century, the destructive potential of war, though great, was (nevertheless) limited. There was a limit to the number of governments that had access to the most powerful weapons, there was a limit to the destructive potential of those weapons, and there was a limit on the geographic range over which such weapons could be exercised. Therefore, the violence and devastation of war, though horrific, was nevertheless (to some degree) contained.
Since the mid-twentieth century, the previous restrictions on the destructive potential of war have ceased to be the case. The ability to manufacture or obtain technologically sophisticated weaponry (whether nuclear, chemical, or biological) is no longer limited to the few, to the governments of the wealthiest and most powerful nations. 
Indeed, such weapons can potentially be obtained even by small groups of people determined to further their own particular agendas, at whatever cost. And the destructive potential of existing weaponry is now sufficient to cause unimaginable devastation. Thus, humanity is faced with two new and dangerous realities: The number of parties with relatively easy access to extreme weapons of war is proliferating rapidly, and the destructive power of those weapons is virtually unlimited.
In the past, it was only the “superpowers” that had the most destructive weapons. Thus, there was a time when it was plausible for a superpower to presume that, by using conventional weaponry, it could keep outbreaks of armed violence under control, at least to a “satisfactory” degree. However, that time has passed.

When sophisticated weapons of mass destruction are in the hands of many, 
war ceases to be something that can be “won”. 

The governments of the world are, in general, acting as if they do not understand or accept this current reality. Since the twentieth-century, war itself has become a threat to all of humankind—not merely to the parties directly involved in any particular conflict. 
Therefore, just as slavery came to be recognized as inhumane and (thus) unacceptable, so also war must be made obsolete and no longer to be allowed. War is a past way of doing things that no longer makes sense and can no longer be accepted as an appropriate instrument of policy in the modern world.
It may seem naive and idealistic to say that war must no longer be allowed, but this call for the eradication of war is, in fact, a necessary response to two basic realities: (1) the vastly increased availability of the weapons of mass destruction and (2) the ego-based (or self-centered) nature of the un-Enlightened human being. Given these realities, war must no longer be allowed as an option—the risk involved is far too great.

The Ruchira Avatar 
Adi Da Samraj

From “The Peace Law: An Open Letter To the Entire Human Family

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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