Life Is a Mummery of Masks and Players

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You have become included in a program of mere mummery, or a game of play-acting, wherein the players are never actually identified. They are only referred to as if they were identified. Only the mask, the appearing body, is pointed at. 
The appearing body is the conditional “I”, when the pointer is pointed toward the presumed “self-body”—and the appearing body is the conditional “you” when any so-called “other” is pointed to as an apparent body, a mask, a player, a mummer, a physically apparent other that is not thoroughly analyzed. 
However, the merely conditional referent of either the word “I” or the word “you” does not account for either the Self-Evident Reality-“I” or the Self-Evident Reality-“you”. The Self-Evident Reality-“I” and the Self-Evident Reality-“you” Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself.

Can you absolutely differentiate anyone at all from the universe? 
How do you know that non-humans are conscious? 
How do you know any other human being is conscious? 

Nevertheless, all beings and things Are Non-conditional Consciousness Itself. There is no place, no space in time, no “anything”-position, no “anyone”-position that is not the same Conscious Light, the same Current of Self-Evidently Divine Being.
There is no anyone or anything that is not That, and yet the Universal Sacrifice persists—and some kinds of life-forms are going to have to be ingested by you in order for you to live. You will not be able to entirely avoid killing and ingesting other life-forms. You are ingesting such life-forms right now, just by breathing. 
You, in your turn, will also be devoured. Your apparent form will be used up and reduced to its elementals. The universe is a gigantic kind of meal—which is, in many respects, horrific.

Nevertheless, the universe is mummery. 
You have not actually differentiated an “I” from others.
“I” is a presumption in language—and a presumption in mind—
that is not inspected. 

You do not have an underlying direct awareness of “I”. You have not known the “I”. You make superficial references to the “I” that have to do only with an artificially (and merely conditionally) presumed identity—a mummer, a mere characterization, one-liners and shirts. “I” is not defined.
Is a breathing, ingesting, excreting body separate from the universe? Or are all events and processes evidence that the body is not separate—and not absolutely separable—from the Very Divinity in Which it is appearing? 
Yes, the body-mind is evidence of that Reality. There is no absolute separation—no absolute separation between any apparent human individual and the universe, or between any apparent human individual and any other human (or non-human) individual.
You simply do not know others in an absolutely differentiated sense—and, yet, you refer to others as if they were defined entities, and you refer to yourself as if you are one. Yet, you have not investigated even yourself. 

Are you the body? 
Or is there more to you than the body? 
Would you just say, “Body is me”? 

Aren’t you aware? Aren’t you thinking? Aren’t you feeling? Isn’t there something more than just this body moving around? It is self-evident that there is more to it.
What is that “more” that the “I” is? Have you examined it sufficiently, come to know yourself sufficiently, that when you say “I” in your next conversation you will know what you mean? 
Similarly, have you so thoroughly examined every other, such that, again, in your next verbal exchange with anyone at all, you will know what and who you mean when you say “you” to someone else?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

A talk from December 11, 2005,
directly after Reciting His Rendering of the “Ribhu Gita”

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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