Hell Doesn’t Need a Place

Hell Doesn’t Need a Place — It’s Where You Are Right Now

Practice this Yoga in every moment of your life, jealously, without looking to the right or left, without mediocrity. Whatever it takes, do this Yoga of devotion to Me in every moment of your life, and not merely for your own salvation–although that is obviously part of it–but for the sake of all. 
Think of the necessary conversion of beings to avoid the holocaust all mankind is creating in their stupidity and reluctance and unresponsiveness. It is not My intent to give some “fire-and-brimstone” message to get people to respond to Me and practice the Way of the Heart. Nevertheless, it must be said, it is so: you are in the dark time here. Can you not see where the world is going? 

Open your heart and throat and voice and life to be converted yourself 
and to convert beings to rightness of life!
That you must do, but in the midst of this devotional life, which is not about social and earthly preoccupations. Compassionately it registers there, but its purpose, its context, is Most Perfectly self-transcending God-Realization, the transcendence of this burnt piece of coal–which is what it will be finally–and the necessity to be visited here into such a contaminated limitation as this. You must stop holding onto this morsel – and respond to Me, go with Me.
Resort to My Grace, rather than to yourself. Do so fully, with great faith, great response, great heart, great daily discipline, great discrimination, great intent. Do it for real. Prove it in life. Prove it in My experience. This is what it takes. The round of failure, fussing, and asking for forgiveness goes nowhere but to hell–and there is hell. 

Hell is not a location. It is a disease. It is a destiny. 
It is fear, egoic “self-possession”, and confusion, registered experientially. 
It does not need a place. 
It is wherever you are, now and after death.
Do you want to be in that fear and that insult without resort, without God, without Divine Love, without the Guru’s Blessing? If not, then you must resort to Me and exercise yourself with fullest intent, not merely making an intention into the future but now and now and now–always, all the time, with no excuses and no apologies necessary, consistently, intensively. 
It is not a free ride. It is not an amusement. You must deal with the realities of your egoically “self-possessed” existence, through the Yoga I have been describing to you here once again.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

December 2, 1993

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam 

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