He Simply Loves Me

He Simply Loves Me

My Lovers are the cause of My birth. 

They are the cause that will keep Me alive. 

And even after My death, 

there will always be those in the Community of My devotees 

for whom all practice is superficial, 

except the practice of Ecstatic remembrance of Me. 

Such devotees always find Me alive 

as the Presence of Love that Plays the world.

The essence of the daily practice is Ecstasy. 

One who Loves Me also accepts 
every moment of experience 

as My Form.

Whatever arises, he accepts it as My Form, My Play. 

He simply Loves Me, he Communes with Me in every instant, 

he serves Me with the entire body-mind, 

and he accepts every moment of experience as My Form. 

In this manner, he never finds himself to be separate from Me. 

He is always in Love with Me.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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