Surrender Can Be an Enclosure Around Ego

You can go to some yogi who will say, “Surrender, surrender.” But who is going to surrender? Narcissus (the ego-I) is going to surrender. He loves it. All his surrendering is a game which reinforces his self-nature. In itself, that willful surrendering is his hedge. The holy man builds a fantastic hedge about himself. He possesses incredible security, because he has let go of everything but himself. His “nothing” is a vast, infinite hedge that protects his self, his separateness. No one will yield that separateness except in the face of the Unconditional Divine. When the very Divine is intuited in Satsang, then the self is let loose spontaneously, and with more and more intelligence. As that sacrifice begins to occur, there is also the release from fear, until there is utter fearlessness, not because you have become like King Kong with all of your yogic siddhis, but because you have become nothing in God.

Adi Da Samraj
excerpt from “Garbage and the Goddess

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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