You Cannot Save Yourself By Any Means Whatsoever
or Divine Self-Realization Is the Only Paradise There Is

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Consider” the traditional mythology of the Garden of Eden. The fundamental message of that story is this: You awakened in a Paradise of the Divine, with the “Tree of Life” nourishing you forever–but you were told not to take the fruit of the “Tree of Knowledge”. In other words, do not try to “get the secrets” of paradise and get them under control and destroy them, by means of “knowledge”. 
Thus, implicit in the Garden of Eden story is the communication that the Divine Is Sufficient–but, if you make a course of your own “knowledge”, in the attempt to gain control over your situation (thereby effectively replacing the Divine with the person of the human ego), then you will be cursed.
Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden because they sought the “knowledge” to control paradise and replace the Divine with their own egoic means. By “choosing” the “Tree of Knowledge” and (thereupon) being thrown out of the Garden, they were separated from the “Tree of Life”.
In the metaphor of the Garden of Eden story, human beings are now banished from paradise–therefore, human beings do not enjoy eternal life, but are mortal (and rather animal) in their limitations. Nevertheless, they are still struggling for “knowledge”.
The current principal “method” of seeking to gain “knowledge” is scientific materialism. Ultimately, scientific materialism is about gaining control over the “world” – including everyone and everything in it. Thus, scientific materialism–like every other egoic human enterprise–is, in its end-consequence, about casting out the Divine and separating the human “self” from the Divine, in every sense that the Divine may be understood. 
The effort to gain control over human circumstance–through scientific materialism or whatever means–is undertaken with the (largely uninspected) presumption that human beings are (thus and thereby) going to “save themselves”. There is no possibility of any such result.

No such egoically engineered “salvation” is possible. 
The ego will die. 
The ego cannot “save itself” by any means whatsoever.

Ordinary human “knowing” seeks to control (or enclose) its “object”, because the human ego is fearful of being controlled by the “object” – no matter what the “object” is. Ordinary human “knowing” tries to “get the secrets” of the any “object”, so that the “object” can be brought under control (and, at last, destroyed).
Thus, ordinary human “knowing” is the “scapegoat-method” of enclosing, controlling, and (at last) destroying the “other”. That universally evident “method” pervades the entire human “world”. Indeed, the “scapegoat-ritual” is the fundamental act of human beings – unless it is transcended in and by means of the process of Divine Self-Realization of Reality Itself.

Divine Self-Realization of Reality Itself Is the Only Paradise There Is.

Divine Self-Realization of Reality Itself Is the Divine Self Domain Itself, the Eternal (and Intrinsically egoless) Sphere of Conscious Light.
Human beings have been persisting in the “scapegoat-game” for so long that they now have virtually everything in an enclosure, including even the Earth itself. And they even entertain ambitions to go beyond the Earth, out into space, in order to get control over everything and everyone everywhere.
There is a tremendous amount of idealistic propaganda at the present time, proclaiming that the great “knowledge”-enterprise of humankind is virtuous. However, if you take the Reality-view of what is happening, you can see that the human enterprise is not virtuous. There are many ancient mythologies, such as the Garden of Eden story, which (rightly) indicate that the human situation of suffering is the result of human wrongdoing. Thus, the fundamental and intrinsic wrongness of what human beings do is culturally indicated by many traditions of myth.
Myth is not (itself) true or Truth – but myth as representation of insight is (possibly) true, and can (in any case) be tested by Truth Itself. However, the human “world” – which now presumes itself to be so “mighty” – has become utterly oblivious to the ancient criticism, and wants to enforce the “dark” enterprise to its end. Human idealists everywhere are presuming this enterprise has a virtuous end – but, in fact, the human ego-enterprise has nothing but a destructive end.

Adi Da Samraj

 from “There Is a Way and Reality Itself Is It”

The Aletheon


Aletheon Is the Truth Book

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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