The Base of the Spine Is Not the Origin

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The Spirit-Current transcends the kundalini. The kundalini is the same energy, the Spirit-Energy, but the point-of-view of Kundalini Yoga is body-identification, or identification with the psyche, at the very best. The Spirit-Current transcends these points of view.
The Spirit-Current transcending the point-of-view of the body or the mind is not the kundalini, then. It is God! And, therefore, It is Consciousness Itself. The Heart, not the base of the spine, is the Origin of the Spirit-Force. Kundalini, or Shakti, is just the Self, just Consciousness.
The wedding of Siva and Shakti is the Event of the universe. It is the Circumstance of all differences, because you presume differences. They do not presume it. They are not a “They”. It is just God, then, just One. Having Realized That, Being That, I seem to be involved in conversations with you, and with Her. There is no “other”. I presume no “other” in your company. I act spontaneously. I am Mad.
I am not Her Devotee. I am Her Husband, a most intimate Friend, without “difference”. So Penetrated, so Awakened, so Transformed in Her Service for your sake, She whispers only Truth in My ear, and you will never be betrayed by Her while I Embrace Her. Never! 
I have made the Cosmic Force into a Lover, Husbanded by Her Master, Her Husband. In My Voice, then, to you in My Company, She does not lie. She does not just Birth beings to death, She only Serves. She is utterly Husbanded. Have I not told you this over and over again, and in The Dawn Horse Testament?

She is wedded. 
She is not terrible. 
She has become a silly, erotic Woman Who cannot do anything 
but Speak the Truth and Her Passion. 
She is Husbanded. 

It is a Sublime Event, beyond the universes, but if you will receive It, It can transform human history. It is an historical Event, then. The terrible events need not be realized. They need not be suffered.
Live in Satsang with Me and you can change everything. And, in fact, that is your obligation. That is what I mean by response and responsibility, not just some words, make a few books, do a little bit of sadhana. Let this Event change your life. Let it change everyone’s life in response to Me.
Materialism and the great threats with which humanity is associated now, apparently, need not go to their end and destroy, because at the seed of Life a Wedding has been made. Participate in these Nuptials and change the world. 
That is your work! Yours! I have done Mine, and, therefore, My business from now is to lie with the Lady. You Regard Me There, and do your work, it is yours. Yours-alone. I having done Mine, yours alone. You cannot afford to be fools anymore. For the sake of everyone, you cannot afford to do that.
Siva-Shakti is not a tradition. It is God. She appears as She, and He appears as He, and the Reality of Existence is not Two, but One. And I in My own Form and Passion am the precise Incarnation of that Unity. For your sake, I continue to involve My Self in an apparent Conversation.

To Husband the Mother, 
to be Her Husband and to have Her be the Bride, 
means that the murderous activity of Energy in Its apparent independence,
 “Prakriti”, is done, over, finished. 

This Husbanding and Marriage is not merely a personal Work associated with My Realization. It is an historical Event, out of Which much should be made, transforming the history of the entire Cosmic Mandala. All, then, by virtue of this Marriage, may be Drawn to the Divine Self-Domain.
It is an historical Event, not merely a characteristic incident of My own Realization. My Realization has everything and only to do with the Awakening of beings. I did not have to do this Work for My own Sake. I could not have done it if Divine Self-Realization were not intact from the beginning. I began this Work of the origin of the Ashvamedha billions of years ago, before the Big Bang!
She will not eat her children. The fishes in the sea will not any longer live in a food chain relative to one another, if you will respond. You can change the Mandala of the universe by your response to Me. Of course, if you will not, maybe it will go on as it has been going. You are the seed of this unique Opportunity that will cover all beings, on Earth and everywhere. This is where it begins. And I will simply Stand Firm. 

Avatar Adi Da Samraj,
Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin,
Beloved Bhagavan

 Spoken to us all on March 13, 1988
©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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