The Futile Effort Toward Perfect Flight

The chronic motivations that lead to our persistent embodiment are dramatized in the form of sex-desire and anger. Through continuous sex-desire we seek an eternal, consoling intimacy, and also a perpetual means of release. Through perpetual anger we demonstrate our inherent frustration and pain–alive in finite form, yet Full of an Infinite Energy.
Through the chronic dramatizations of sex-desire and anger we constantly strive toward ecstasy and victory, always possessed by the internal coil of motivation, the creative urge to solve the “problem of existence. “
The essential motive is to be universally attractive to others, loved by all, served by all, consoled by all. It is the desperate motive of power, the urge to manipulate self and others. It is all a symptom of fear-the failure to love beyond all limits.
But ecstasy is only Realized in self-transcending love, surrender, and Communion with the Radiant Absolute. 

Such love liberates us from reactive motivations, 
all of which lead to embodiment, experience, 
and the unending search for release, 
the futile effort toward Perfect Flight. 

Therefore, the only fulfillment of our motives is sacrifice of self, or Translation into the Eternal Condition, through Love-Communion and Transcendence of all experience in the Living God.
There is Liberation only in Ecstasy, or Absorption in the One Who is prior to mind, motivation, and all arising of differentiated self-awareness. The soul is Full only in such Absorption, not in the recoil toward self and all the loveless out-turning of mere desire. 
Therefore, transcend all present motivations toward experience, or else future embodiment and trouble are assured. Transcend the illusion of your own independent attractiveness, and yield into the One Who Is Beauty and Love Itself.

Adi Da Samraj

from  “Enlightenment of the Whole Body”

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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