A Tiny Testament of Lesser Secrets
(or, “The Eight Reasons I Like Hal’s Photo”)
“A” is for Adi   
The First Place, 
the Primordial Space, 
What Is Always Already the Case.
“A” is for Adi Da
For there before you lies the Earth-Form-Body
of the Ruchira Avatar,
Our Beloved Master Adi Da Samraj.
“A” is for Adidam Samrajashram
The Place Where Mystery
makes His Lair,
and the Earth-Emperor
His Motionless Pillar & Palace of Light.
“A” is for Advaitayana Buddha
His Arunachala,
His Deer Park,
yet Magnified Infinitely and without center,
the Ultimate Non-Dual
Conscious Vehicle
of Divine Love-Bliss-Light.
“A” is for Agency
And the Ultimate Agency Is
His all-and-All Pervading “Brightness”
“A” is for “Aham Da Asmi
Dearly beloved,
there Is Only Beloved Da,
the Heaven-Born Giver,
the actual Avataric Incarnation
of the Very and Only Divine One.
“A” is for all and All
which will Translate “in the end”—
the totality of conditional existence
melted to His Very Ground,
like a single solid Golden Murti
Fired to White in His Raging Island Kiln.
“A” is for Atma Nadi   
For on the shores of Immortal Nectar,
illumined by the Midnight Sun,
encircled by the reef of Consciousness Itself,
 Our Beloved still Swims the waves at night,
which always Crash from Above 
and from the right.
~~~ OM MA DA ~~~
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