All of These Suggestive Sentences Become Obsolete

by Adi Da Samraj

DEVOTEE: Are all awakened men Gurus?
ADI DA: No. Guru is not a kind of status. It is a specific function. There are some who awaken, but who simply live, without becoming active as the function of Guru. There are others who awaken and do in fact perform that function. Truth, not the “role” of Guru, is the enjoyment of all who are awake.
DEVOTEE: It’s hard to figure out from what I have read. In one holy scripture, a “Realized” man wiped out his father, another killed off his whole family. How can such phenomena be explained?
ADI DA: There is a point where one’s search becomes inappropriate. This is that point. All of the Scriptures a person reads, all of the remarks and experiences and traditions come to an end when the import of those Scriptures ceases to be academic. In the presence of the Heart, seeking is inappropriate.

It makes no difference what those sentences meant. 
That’s not the point. 

The universe devours billions upon billions of entities every second.
If we were to judge by actions those to whom Enlightenment should go, 
the universe itself would be the last. 

Only the righteous fools within it would be Enlightened, 
but the universe would have to wait until the very end 
on account of its crimes. 

It is not any kind of significance, any appearance, any suggestion, any implication of what we see that is the Truth. The traditions say that you can’t find the Guru in his actions. In other words, it is not by watching how various people act and speak that you find the Guru. He is always a paradox. His action is a paradox, like the universe itself.

The old texts that talk about Realized beings killing others are allegories for spiritual transformations within a man. One of the classic statements of Vedanta is that once a man has Realized the Self he could slay a Brahmin and it would not be a sin for him. It wouldn’t affect him. All of these statements are simply suggesting or somehow trying to imply the freedom of the Jnani, the Self-Realized man. 
So it is that Self, that Reality to which these Scriptures are trying to turn you. If you miss the point, and the Self doesn’t become your direction after reading such Scriptures, you are stuck with something you can’t understand. You are stuck with something that seems to say what can’t be true. So all of these old Scriptures are loaded. There are always two sides. But they only have one purpose, which is to create interest in the Truth, in Realization. 
After the interest has been created, the Scriptures have served their purpose. They just serve to move you along and entertain you for a period of time until this whole possibility becomes significant enough that a crisis, a breakdown in your ordinary functioning begins to take place. 

And, hopefully, when this crisis begins, 
you will also find yourself in the company of a truly Self-Realized man, 
one who lives as the Self. 
When that contact is made, 
all of these suggestive sentences become obsolete. 
They lose their function at the point where that meeting takes place. 
The more you have accumulated before that moment, 
the more there is that becomes obsolete. 
And so also the more resistance there is.

Truly, the Self is mad. The Self is unlearned. The appropriate foundation of human life is not an entity, a separate self-sense, an ego, even a soul. Such is not the appropriate foundation for human life. The appropriate foundation for human life is the Heart, the Self. It is utterly mindless, utterly free, uncontained, unqualified. 
But, paradoxically, when the Heart is lived, the human being becomes functional, usable, alive, moved. Such a one makes no complicated use of the things an ordinary man uses to survive. Like a child, he moves by delight. He is a man of pleasure, of enjoyment. Like a madman, he learns nothing from life. He doesn’t helieve what he sees. He doesn’t take it to have any limiting significance. 
He throws away all the things that seem to everyone so profound, so serious. He attributes nothing to them. So the Realized man is like a madman and a child. 

But apart from actual Realization, 
Radical Understanding, 
what I have just said is a form of entertainment. 
It doesn’t affect your impending death. 
And your death is what interests the Guru.

by Adi Da Samraj

from “The Avon Lady”
©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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