Non-Humans Don’t Need Hats or Silverware

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Handle your responsibilities, those that pertain to such a serious disposition, and intensively engage the sadhana of this Realization. 
That’s what the non-humans “decide” immediately, so to speak. That’s what they all do. They’re convinced immediately of that course. They’re not wound into klik-klak exactly like you humans. You have a wide variety of involvements, extensions, elaborations of the content associated with functions far beyond that of the non-humans.
Look how much psyche you need to eat lunch. How much psyche you need to do anything. How much language, how much mind you require to put on a shirt: “Consider” everything about it–including the weather, the decorativeness, appropriateness for where you’re going–everything about a shirt or about the body altogether, clothing. 
Look at it all, everything that comes together, the complexity. Look what complexity it takes to get a passport, or a bank account, or whatever it takes to get anything these days–to get connected up these days, for your own mobility, or whatever, things you need to do, to function. How complex everything is.

And look with what ease the chameleons walk about 
without so much as a knife and fork . . . 
or the first hat. 

So complexly wound in such complex patterns, and the collective associated with it, and all the rest, your simple bondage with the body, “Narcissus”, is more like being the emperor of a kingdom, than a guy with a knapsack leaning over a pool of fresh water.
Actually, its not quite like being the emperor of a kingdom. The emperor is in the ultimate position in that structure–could, perhaps, have some kind of view or leisure in which to find out something great. It’s probably more like being the “sarvadhikari” (general manager), of the entire kingdom or empire, of the emperor. [laughter] 

And the emperor insists on a life of total leisure given to Contemplation–

not ever disturbed, therefore, by anything in the total domain of your ordinary life, your egoic life. Never disturb the emperor. That’s all the destiny you’ve got. [Adi Da laughs.] You had all the destiny you were going to get.
In order to do the “Perfect Practice“, you must be established (by Grace and Yogic disposition) Prior to the body-mind. The Yogic asana of the Witness must actually be true, not something fallen from, argued toward. 

So you can do this sadhana most intensively. 

Or you can do it but not all that intensively, and with a lot of vacations and complaints and what-not, only minimal directness or quickness. Or you can just sort of be peripheral with it and so forth and not do it all. In any case–what does it say?
DEVOTEE: The Laughing Mama (Goddess, Cosmic Domain) says: “Your objections to any thing don’t mean shit! “

Adi Da Samraj

from transcript of “Klik-Klak Consideration”
@ Free Standing Man

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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