Problem-Centered Art

In modern time, the arts have ceased to have a cultural purpose that is acknowledged to be necessary. The arts become mere entertainments. The arts become ways of expressing yourself, your contents, your insides — your aberrations. In fact, the arts become the very means for expressing the problems you have, because there is no cult, no culture, no center, no society, no necessity to what you do. . . . Find a way for your art to be ecstatic and find some way for it to serve, even in ordinary ways. 

One’s struggle is not to fulfill oneself and 

make that “self” lovable by the “world”.

 The struggle is to transcend oneself in order to enter fully into the Divine.

 Adi Da Samraj 

17 September, 1980

from Adi Da Up-Close Site,

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.

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