Even the Body Shines With a Mindless Shout 

This Way of the true devotee is the Way of Divine Ignorance. 

And when that Love is Perfect in the seventh stage of life, then 

Where is God and where am “I”? 

Where is a place? 

Where does experience happen? 

When all arising is Realized to be only an unnecessary and 

temporary modification of Radiant Consciousness, 

then even the motive is understood as That. 

Such is the Free Disposition in which even the body Shines 

with a mindless Shout 

and Dissolves in Happiness.

Adi Da Samraj


©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.


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