A Paradox and Mystery of Unfathomable Proportions
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

ADI DA SAMRAJ: If you use the body circumstance as a means to purify the mind, the unconscious that’s outside the realm of the brain, cut off by the brain, then those mechanisms will not control destiny after death. Whereas if you use your lifetime simply as an opportunity to indulge in a bodily based existence, you will do nothing but add to the sum total of karma in the unconscious and all that becomes your destiny then.

So you must get wisdom. You must understand. You must do sadhana and be purified of karma. People think that the brain is it. Mind is just brain. Maybe when you’re dead you’re dead you see. Well it’s not true. The brain however is a limiting mechanism. It keeps you from having certain kinds of experiences. It’s not really that the brain is here to evolve so that you can have all kinds of experiences.
The brain is here to keep you from having experiences or to limit or define what kind off experiences you can have and most of what is potential is outside of the brain mind area, not accessible as a general rule sometimes. There are these openings and you have unusual experiences, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. But for the most part you remain controlled by the brain mind.

You have those thoughts and experiences 
that relate to your present physicality and so on. 
For the most part, this is what people experience 
and they think that therefore that’s it. 
That’s what life is supposed to be.
They don’t understand what the purpose is of having a limited place in which you can have an experience. The purpose of it is to purify the karmic consciousness, the karmic mind that preceded the present birth. You must devote your life not to the fulfillment of the body personality but to the purification of karma through the devotion of the bodily personality.

You do this, so in death, when you lose the vehicle 
that shuts off experience, and all experience is opened up to you, 
what you are opened up to will be auspicious. 
Because mind has been purified, 
attention has been given to its source. 

The degree to which you have done all of this, in other words, the stage of life you represent in manifestation, will determine the quality of experience after death.
Whereas during life in the body, you see the body is a limit. People are always remarking: “How come if you perform good, right actions, you don’t get good, right results? How come there are all these really bad guys who are having apparently a good life? Everything seems to happen good for them. How come? You’ve got all these virtuous people and they’re all suffering so terribly.”
Well, in the context of bodily existence, results do not immediately follow necessarily. The place where you’re getting your results, is outside the brain mind. 

You’re getting results that are purifying that unconscious, 
or you’re getting the results of adding to it and complicating it.

The more you mature and practice, the more you come to appreciate what’s really going on, what kind of mechanism you are really associated with here. 
People generally, especially westerners, like the casual choice of bodily self-fulfillment. This is also a tendency of ego in general, no matter what the place of origin, east or west. But westerners have a certain omega-like way of tending, and I’ve also observed in my work in the west, people struggling intensely against the demand for self-discipline. They’re always struggling.
Should they discipline themselves? Or should they just go for the good life? They’re always thinking about this nonsense, because they have so little experience. 

You have so little understanding of what is really taking place. 
You will not resort to wisdom. 
People do not resort to wisdom or to realizers, 
so they just go with the flow, so to speak.

But you’re not going to experience a collective destiny after death. You’re going to experience a personal destiny, and one that goes beyond individuality ultimately. 
In other words, you’re not going to realize after death what everybody thought life was about. You’re going to realize the sum total of your karmic tendencies, so you should use this lifetime of practice in My Company to be purified of these tendencies.
In general then, the destiny after death corresponds to the realization while alive. It is also clear that, except in the case of Perfect Enlightenment, after death the opportunity for further growth must be given. 

But all that takes place, all that is given, 
is in the context of a paradox and a mystery 
of unfathomable proportions, 
and signs of time and space 
that are not comprehensible from the present 
bodily point-of-view.

The Divine Reality is simply the absolute objectless expansiveness of Mere Being, without a trace of limitation, self-radiant Bliss Absolute. Between this apparition and such Realization, there is much, much more than merely living, and much, much more than talking school attitudes and gestures. 

Real sadhana is necessary.  Resort to Grace.
It’s necessary.  Grace must work. 
This is necessary.
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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