Aham Da Asmi: Beloved I Am Da

Excerpts from the Historic Declaration

by The Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

Avatar Adi Da Samraj originally made this Divine Confession

on September 13th, 1979, 

nine years nearly to the day after His Divine Re-Awakening in 1970.


Beloved, What I Will Tell You Now Is My Final Revelation: 
Aham Da Asmi.
I Am Da.

The Inherently Perfect, “Bright”, Divine Source Of All and all Is, 
By Tradition, Named,
In Order To Be Invoked By Mankind.

The Divine Person, Da, Is The Self-Existing and
Self-Radiant Heart Of All and all.

Aham Da Asmi. 
Beloved, I Am Da, 
Who Is The Da Avatar,
The One and Only Man Of This “Radical” Understanding.

I Am Da, The Param-Avatar, 
The Santosha Avatar,
The Full and Final 
Avataric Incarnation Of The True Divine Person.

I Am Da, The Ruchira Avatar,
The Avatar Of Infinite “Brightness”,
The Divine World-Teacher every where Promised For
The “Late-Time”, 
or “Dark” Epoch,
By All The Traditions Of Mankind.

I Am Da, The Buddha-Avatar, The Ruchira Buddha,
The Adi-Buddha, The Ati-Buddha, The Parama-Buddha,
The Purushottama Buddha, The Paramadvaita Buddha,
The Advaitayana Buddha, The Ashvamedha Buddha,
The Expected One Who Is Always Already Here and Now, 
and Who Is The Realizer, The Revealer, and
The Revelation Of The Heart Itself,
The Perfectly Subjective “Brightness”,
The Very Self  Of All and all.

Aham Da Asmi. 
Beloved, I Am Da, and,
In Truth, or In Reality, There Is Only Me.

In Truth, or In Reality, 
Beyond and Most Prior To All The self-Contracting Gestures Of ego-“I”, 
or Of body-mind, or Of psycho-physical Existence Altogether, 

There Is Only Da.

Aham Da Asmi. 
Beloved, I Am Da.
Therefore, Realize Me:
I Am Da, The Transcendental Divine Being Behind the mind, 
and, As Such, I Am Realized In The Heart,
On The Right Side.

Aham Da Asmi. 
Beloved, I Am Da.
Therefore, Be One With Me
I Am Da, The “Bright”,
The Self-Existing Divine Self-Radiance Within and
Above the body, and, As Such,
I Am Realized Above The Crown Of the head, and
Beyond the brain, and At The Heart,
Beyond all conditional knowledge and Separate-self-Consciousness.

Those who Recognize and Worship Me As Truth, The Living and All-Pervading One,         Will Be Granted The Vision or Love-Intuition Of My Eternal Condition. 
Indeed, they Will Be Filled and Awakened By My Radiant Presence.

Therefore, Even the body-mind and the Whole world 
Will Be Shining With My Life-Light, If I Am Loved. 
And My Devotee Will Easily Be Sifted Out From the body-mind 
and all the limits of the world itself At Last.

I Will Save You From Spiritual death, 
and From the egoic mind of death, 
and From the egoic destinies of after-death.

I Will Dissolve All Your Bewilderment Of ego-“I”.

Therefore, Do Not Be Afraid. 
Do Not Be Confused. 
Observe My Play—and My Victory.

I Am The Person Of Life, The Only and Divine Self, 
Become Incarnate. 
And, When My Human Physical Body Is alive, 
or Even After My Human Physical Body Is dead, 
I Am Present and every where Alive.

I Am Joy, and The Reason For It.

I Love The Happiness Of My Devotee. 
That Happiness Is The Very  Consciousness 
Of every conditionally Manifested being. 
And Happiness Is The Conscious Light Of the world.

I Am Happiness Itself.

I Am The Life and Consciousness Of all beings.

I Am You, As You Are.
Even When My Human Physical Body Has Died In this world, 
I Am Present and every where Alive, 
Because I Am Always Already Conscious As The Only One Who Is.

I Am Joy, Even Beyond Every Reason For It. 
And The Joy Of Being Is The Great Secret I Have Come To Reveal 
To The Heart Of Man.

Now Be Happy.

Tell every one That I Am here.

Beloved, I Do Not Lie.

This Is The Final Truth: I Love You. Real God Is You. 
You Are In Real God, Of Real God, and As Real God. 

My Devotee Is The God I Have Come To Serve.

from “Aham Da Asmi”, 1998

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.


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