The Subtle Realms Are Beside the Point

The highest region is not attained by any projection of attention in the path of ascent. The so-called highest region is not a region at all but the source of the manifest planes, the God-Light, which is not visible, which may not be seen, which may not be attained. 

The God-Light in Truth is not known apart from the dissolution of the ego 
or causal principle, the seat of subjectivity, in the Heart. 

Until that dissolution occurs there is no right knowledge of the God-Light. The God-Light is known only through reflections, in manifestation, through shaktis, appearances, shabds, sounds, vibrations. 
The God-Light is the reflection of Brahman or Very Consciousness, and out of the God-Light come the subtle and gross regions and all their variations, none of which are themselves the Light.
If you happen already to be manifested in the gross plane, at whatever level within it, the subtle region becomes a possible salvation, a way of getting loosed from your troubles and the distractions that weigh you down and annoy you. 

It’s really no different from a bored person pursuing a kind of salvation

 or relief through worldly distractions in the gross plane. 

Some people seek to relieve themselves of gross annoyances by projecting themselves into a higher level of the gross plane, as in psychism, spiritualism, moving into the etheric realms, and magic. Such gross paths, kundalini among them, pursue levels of enjoyment within the gross plane, but above the elemental aspects of the gross plane.

On the other hand, shabd yoga, bhakti yoga, and other paths of ascent toward the God-Light, pursue the subtle realm itself as a form of salvation by exploiting the current of manifestation, which may be listened to or which may just be joined through devotion. There are other ways of projecting yourself into that current and allowing it to carry you. 

Such paths simply transfer you into different possibilities 
from the one in which you already rest.

So you can change your state by pursuing subjective paths of various kinds. What has that got to do with Truth? What has that got to do with the inherent suffering of the manifest state? The desire to change your state is essentially a childish motivation, not based on any profound insight into the nature of your present situation. 

If you were able to comprehend the nature of this moment, 
to see it as suffering, as the limitation it is, 
you would not go for distractions high or low. 
You would not view either of those possibilities as salvation. 
You would have to penetrate intuitively the root of suffering, which is in consciousness. And all that arises in consciousness is essentially of the same variety. The ego appears to be the principal form of this contraction or suffering, this self-definition, but in Truth it is not any more fundamental than any object arising in consciousness.

The distractions of the subtle realm are no more consoling ultimately 
than the distractions of the gross realm. 
And the path itself is terrible! It is long. 
It requires cutting away the life, 
a process that tends to make you a little balmy! 

The people who really succeed at it are generally those who for karmic reasons have only the lightest connection with the gross realm. You who have the ordinary man’s profound involvement with the gross realm and who try to project yourselves into the subtle realm, will drive yourselves crazy–there is no doubt about it–

Because in you the force of karmic involvement with the gross plane is so strong 
that the attempt to get out of it, to suppress it in other words, 
will disorient you entirely. 
And apart from that, 
it is beside the point!
Adi Da Samraj

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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