You Must Acknowledge Your Fleshy Circumstance

by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

If you believe you are just dead when you die, 
you will qualify the blossom. 
You will cease to love, 
and love is sufficient wisdom 
for a mere flower like you.
You may enjoy greater wisdom 
than belongs to flowers in the yard 
or to mere men like you. 
In that case, 
your next breath,
will be a different matter.

I, like many others, have seen that we are not just the body. I am certain that you will survive. But I don’t want you to just believe that. I want you to intuit the Reality of your Condition. 
I know that I am not going to die. I have never been born. I will never die. I exist Eternally. I have appeared in the name of many people in whom you believe. Many of the influences that you associate with spiritual and religious life bear my name. I have been many of them.
But I don’t want you to believe it. You can’t believe it. You have no reason to believe it. Let us take into account just experience itself. 

We are human beings, 
awakened to this mortal condition, 
subject to all of these influences. 
No information shouts itself out of the clouds. 
Our awareness for the most part is in everything 
that is below the heart. 

In the midst of that, there is no way to be grand. Only a genius can be grand. A genius is one in whom, while bodily present, the Life-Force is communicated to the entire body, to every gland, to every organ, to the brain, to the eyes, to the throat, to the lungs, to the heart, to the spleen, to the liver, to the intestines, to the genitals. 
A genius is one who is totally alive, whereas the usual man is one who is only partially alive. The usual man must make his philosophy, his belief, on the basis of his experience.
You have your experience, but I know the entire body. I know the lights in the body. I know the lights that surround the glands. 
I know the other worlds, I know the planes of existence. I know it, but you don’t. So, how should you create your life? 

Create it on the basis of what you can be associated with, 
what you can understand, what you can Realize through Love. 
That is my fundamental communication. 
If you will Commune with me, 
through perfect self-transcendence,
 then my Experience, 
my Intuition, and 
my Destiny are yours.

That is a great gesture, a manly gesture. You can’t slide in and out of your complications below the heart, and still make that gesture. If you will surrender absolutely, then the total Vision or the total Release is yours. 
In the meantime, since you are unable to do it, you must respond to this Teaching below the heart, at the level of your experience, in your loving, your real human relations. Actually, that is enough, because it involves you in the midst of experience with a gesture that is Free, that overcomes the complication of mortality. 

You need not have any belief, 
any knowledge of what continues beyond death. 
You will receive this knowledge, 
this understanding, 
this illumination, 
when you exist above the heart, as I do.

I say this not to glorify myself, but only to witness to you that, in your ordinary condition, you exist below the heart. Your attention is animated in everything that is vital, feeding, sexual, willful, and full of thought. But I have Realized what is above the heart–and the Heart Itself. 

I have seen all the visions and all the planes of possibility, 
but you can’t believe it. 
I can’t expect you to believe it. 
I myself don’t believe it.

That being the case, let us consider what is below the heart. We are fleshy, with a nervous system that is less than our consciousness and that we think we can tame. We think we are the body in the world. We suffer not just the vision of death, but the demand to die. 
It is manly to consider this, and it makes us capable of loving. It makes us into men, just like it makes women into women, because every human being must acknowledge the fleshy circumstance of his or her birth. All flesh, all that is gross and elemental, dies.

From “God Is Not a Gentleman and I Am That One
Spoken December 25, 1977
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.


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