Cultic Religion Is a Subhuman Game Sold To the Masses

Just Buy It, Praise It, Own It and Believe It

by Adi Da Samraj

What is popularized, hyped, and commonly believed to be religion, spirituality, or meditation is invariably a form of self-meditation, self-glorification, and self-survival. 

Such subhuman games are sold to masses of people via an appeal to naive and neurotic needs for certainty, hope, fascination, superiority, a positive self-image, and egoic immunity from fear and death. 

Thus, religion, spirituality, and meditation become diluted, reduced to the worldly or self-preserving levels of less than human interest. 

The typical follower is childish, ultimately irresponsible, 

self-involved, amoral, experientially undeveloped, weak,  and 

out of balance in the dimensions of action, feeling, and thought, and 

irrationally attached to the enclosures of cult and belief.

Just so, in the popular view, religion, spirituality, and meditation are considered to be inherently different or separable things. 

Thus, meditation tends to be embraced as a merely psychological or physiological technique, even “scientifically” respectable, without religious significance, and often without spiritual content. 

Religion is commonly embraced without esoteric spiritual understanding 

or the higher responsibilities of meditation. 

And spiritual or esoteric notions are popularly accepted in a vacuum, as an alternative to true religious and moral responsibilities, and with a simplistic view of meditation that is really a commitment to subjective illusions, self-glorification, and self-survival rather than to sacrifice of self in the Divine in every area of experience.

The popular promotability of religious, spiritual, and meditational ideas, cults, personalities, and practices depends on the subhuman and childish state of the general population. 

The responsive audience of such propaganda is the same subhuman mass of “consumers” that is the target of TV and the common media all over the world, and little more is required of anyone than to dutifully purchase the “product.” 

To actually use the “product” is not demanded in any profound sense. 

Just buy it, praise it, own it, believe it, 

and glamorize yourself by association with it.

The whole matter of the popular communication and acceptance of religion, spirituality, and meditation is as obnoxious and absurd as any area of vulgarity in the world. 

It is all an appeal to the sense of self-divided fear and the general absence of intelligence that keeps people irresponsible and dependent, locked into problems, forever searching for solutions without becoming responsible for the problem and the need itself.

by Adi Da Samraj 

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.


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