Body Is Outside-Inside Psycho-Physical Contraction
by Adi Da Samraj

DEVOTEE: “I” as the body, as ego, and “I” as the Transcendental Divine Condition seem to be in contradiction.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Perhaps in your case, the major reason why these two considerations seemed to contradict one another, is that you have not yet realized the first. 
Because you tend to abstract yourself and think think think think think, wonder wonder, question question, doubt doubt, and not stand as the body. You do don’t you?
You can’t get onto the second until you’ve accomplished the first, and until you’ve accomplished the first, the second seems like a contraction or a question, something you don’t understand yet anyway. 
Well how could you understand it fully until you’ve fulfilled the first aspect of the process? If you truly enter into a process of self-observation, then you will observe the total complex of what you are being as a conditional personality.
It’s not really a mentalizing or a moding. It’s physical. It’s sensory. It’s perceptual as well as conceptual. So it’s all these things. It’s all totally the body-mind and you must not only notice that but having noticed it allow it. 

You’re not only being self-contraction as the body, 
but you’re being self-contraction in the context of the body-mind, 
so you’re creating a division in it. 
You’re always two-sided. 
You create divisions in everything. 

You have both propositions in you, so in the context of the body-mind, you are tending to be the mind, or maybe sometimes trying to be the body without the mind.
It is a whole, a totality you see. Self-observation must come to the point where it allows that totality, and it’s not only the conceptual mind. It’s the perceptual mind. You’re not merely interior activity. 

The self-contraction stands as the total body-mind, 
not merely within it. 
The total body-mind is the “soul”, 

if we can even use the word soul you see. It’s not something inside and abstract. What you are being from moment-to-moment is a dynamic full of opposites.
You tend to make wrong judgments about it. You tend to not even be able to identify it, as it is, as a functional operation, because you are playing the game of self-contraction.  
So the first event in the process of self-observation, the observation of self-contraction, is to come to terms with its total manifestation, which is not merely the inside separating from the outside or the outside separating from the inside, but this whole outside-inside psycho-physical “I”.

That’s the “I”, 
not merely an “I” you can say in your mind. 
“I” is the body, not merely the mind. 
It is a feeling, existence, but nonetheless it is conditional. 
It is feeling, but separate. 

Even in all its relatedness, however continuous it may be in the context of relations, loving even, it is still being separate. It is observable as a self-contraction.
True hearing is a matter of understanding the totality that is the “I” and not merely some portion. So “I” is the body and not merely the mind or an inward tension. The self-contraction is not really something happening inside the body. The self-contraction is the body. The self-contraction is relatedness. 

The self-contraction covers all of its separate parts 
or its dynamics or its oppositions, 
mind-body you see, 
not just mind or body.

The body is a contraction from the point of view of Consciousness. It is a difference. It’s made of the same energy of which all other forms are made. It is a universal force but it’s displayed through differences, separate apparent individuals, separate bodies.
It’s displayed as relationship, the feeling of relatedness. The feeling of relatedness is being displayed as all relations, as all opposites, all others, all conditions, and things. It’s displayed as the cosmic mandala, not merely as your separate individual personality. 

The entire cosmic display is self-contraction, 
an illusion, 
an appearance added to or being apparently superimposed 
on that which already is, 
and what always already is, 
this is where you stand.

Excerpts from “Beyond the Koan

a talk by Adi Da Samraj


©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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