Outshined by the Perfect Radiance of the Fire

by Adi  Da  Samraj 

When you place newly made clay crocks in a furnace of great heat to dry and harden the crockery, at first the crocks become red-hot and seem to be surrounded and pervaded by a reddish glow, but they are still defined. Eventually the fire becomes white-hot, and its radiation becomes so pervasive, so bright, that you can no longer make out the separate figures of the crocks.

The first thing to do is to Realize That Which Is, Inherent in the Self-Position.

See yourself ritually dependent on relations and objects for Happiness, but notice also that you are simply playing upon Something Inherent in your own Condition. You can go from person to person, object to object, relationship to relationship. You can always be distracted and become Happy elsewhere, in another setting, in another time and place. No matter who goes, who passes, who lives, who dies, you always have the capacity to reconnect with your own Happiness again. 
Noticing this, and getting the Lesson of life, you ultimately become disposed to enter into the Well of Inherent Being and discover its Virtue, the inherent Happiness of Being.

The first stage of the real spiritual process is to make this discovery,
 to pass out of the ritualization of egoity 
and discover the Source-Condition of the body-mind and its relations. 

Having thus Awakened into that Well, that Realization, then you are still established in the sphere of relations, but the whole world is like a pile of freshly made crocks sitting on racks in a Great Furnace. Everything is Transfigured by a Fire that Pervades the space, the Spirit-Fire, the Fire Inherent in your own Position, Inherent in Being. And so you live in this Transfigured Condition, having first of all Realized the Virtue, the Power, the Being, in the Self-Position.

The second stage, then, is the stage in which all things 
are recognized through Self-Abiding. 
Everything is Transfigured in various ways, 
Transformed from the point of view of Enlightenment. 
The third stage is the stage of Translation, 
in which everything in this Fire is 
Outshined by the Perfect, White Radiance of the Fire Itself.

Thus, there are three stages to authentic life or the life of Wisdom beyond our merely ritualized, egoic life of suffering, birth, change, and death. The first stage is to Realize the Transcendental Condition Itself, Happiness, the Happiness that is Inherent in Being. 
The second stage is the stage of Transfiguration and Transformation of existence, based on Self-Abiding recognition of everything arising in other words, based on free or real relationship, in which you magnify the Inherent Happiness of existence rather than depend on relations for It. 
And the third stage derives from these two. It is the stage of Translation, or the Outshining of conditions.

Until you have entered into at least the first of these three stages, 
you are simply living out the ritual-drama of the ego. 
You are a crock, you see, a clay pig on a table, 
merely suffering the elemental changes potential in a world 
that is not acknowledged to be Light. 
You suffer, therefore, the ordinary occasion associated with birth and experience and change and death. Life seems to be just what it seems to be, and you make philosophy out of that conception. You try to be as Happy as you can under all the possible circumstances of your life, without realizing that the Happiness you Locate in moments of relationships of all kinds is Inherent and that your ritual orientation to objects and relationships enables you only in certain moments to magnify and detect that Inherent Happiness.
excerpts from “The Dreaded Gom-Boo”
Adi  Da  Samraj 

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.

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