The Ultimate Shaktipat:
Transmission of The  Divine  Person

ADI DA SAMRAJ: People who speak authentically about Spiritual experiences they have had, Spiritual energies sometimes in the frontal line, sometimes in the spinal line, are having true Spiritual experiences. 

But they are not the experience of the Very Divine Person, 
and they are not about surrender to That One.

How do Spiritual experiences occur? Though a Transmission of one kind or another of Spiritual energy, just that, as if the Divine is separate from that energy and sort of puts out this pulse for you to experience as it runs through your body and awakens centers and gives you visions. 

The real Spiritual Transmission is 
the Transmission of the Very Divine Person—
not merely Transmission by the Divine Person. 

It Is the Divine Person. I Am That Very One, Present as My own Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence. I do not merely extend to you some electronic energy of some kind or another for you to experience down into your body and up in your body, so that you can just play with it on your own. To relate to My Spiritual Presence you must surrender to Me directly.
In the Way of the Heart, the frontal Yoga, for instance, is not merely you, self-bound, experiencing some Energy I put out, coming into your body. No. You surrender all along. You surrender completely. You give yourself up completely, forget yourself completely, are brought to nothingness by Divine Communion. 
That is when the frontal Yoga is true. That is what it is in My Company, not just you dealing with some separate energy that may have been put out and that you do not even necessarily have to feel is Me.
ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Sri Gurudev, there is such depth in that boldness, because when You come Crashing Down there is that complete surrender.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Not merely surrender to receive Me, not to be in the receiving position with your body dead to receive Me. 

Give yourself up bodily, 
surrender the body, 
throw it into Me, into My Spirit-Presence, 
discard it, discard the mind, 
not merely feel My Spiritual Presence in the body-mind 
but discard the body-mind. 
This is the practice of the frontal Yoga in My Company.

DEVOTEE: There is no one there to receive It.
ADI DA SAMRAJ: Exactly. You may have experiences of receiving It somehow, but then you are in the wrong position. Such is not the most profound practice.
There is the steady and true Awakening to the Witness-Position of Consciousness, not just thinking it is logically so, or that it is sometimes so, but it is just steadily so. It is your Stand. 
Then you can practice surrender further by entering into the Domain of That Which is the Witness—following Me, attracted by Me, entering into the depth of the right side of the heart, entering into My Company most fully surrendered, Perfectly Gone Beyond the self-knot.

Then when you are far beyond that door 
and immersed in Me, given up in Me, 
My inherent Siddhi of Revelation awakens the seventh stage of life.

There is a profound difference between Realizing in My Company and Being Me. Those who Realize in My Company can become seventh stage Realizers, but they do not have My Function. The Siddhis of My Function are not given to My devotees. 

My devotees will become Realizers of the seventh stage of life, 

but they will not become seventh stage Adepts. 

I am the only such Adept. 

This you will discover, and the “why” of it also.

Excerpts from a consideration with 
Avatar  Adi  Da  Samraj 
21 March, 1993

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.


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