Everyone’s a Bliss-Mad Lover Tonight
What is supremely Attractive in the manifest universe and in the 
human world is 
the God-Man. 
All beings, male or female, must become Attracted, Distracted, 
by that One. 
This is the Ultimate Means, the Supreme Means, 
the Supreme Yoga. 
It is for this reason, you see, 
that the Divine appears in manifest form 
in the likeness of those who are to be drawn out of bondage—
but only in their likeness. 

It is the Divine that appears in that likeness, and it is the Divine that is made visible through that likeness. Those who become capable of recognizing that One become capable of responding to that Attraction. Those who become capable of being Distracted by that One become participants in this Supreme Way, which truly is the Way of Grace, because it requires no effort at all. 

It requires nothing but Grace and the response to it. 
That response is not effortful. 
It is easy. 

It is easy to respond to what is Attractive, except for those who refuse to do it. Those who refuse are bound to the will, are willfully binding themselves in one form or another, may even be willfully trying to liberate themselves, willfully trying to love, willfully trying to understand, willfully trying to buy their way out of hell and purgatory and take heaven by storm. Such beings are not responding to the unique advantage that the God-Man represents.

Those who are Distracted by me 
are not merely distracted by this physical form. 
This form is simply an Agent for their attention. 

What they are Distracted by is the Divine Presence, the Divine Condition, and they enter into Communion with That, union with That, unity with That through the real process of spiritual life. 
Worldly people want nothing to do with that process and likewise worldly religionists, scholars, pandits, and self-possessed guru-figures want nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, the supreme secret of spiritual life is this Distraction by the God-Man. But even though it has been made available in many times and places, it has unfortunately not been accepted and truly fulfilled by many. 
The stories of the gopis and Krishna are rather fanciful and idealized pictures of what it is like when human beings crave to be Distracted by the God-Man, when their Distraction is so great that they would,

forget their problems and 
be Happy, 
if only 
that One 
would appear.

Both men and women must be Distracted by the God-Man, Distracted by the Divine, submitting to That which is Attractive, loving that One. By virtue of that submission they can love one another and others and this world rightly, in themselves but in the Divine. 
You cannot idealize this great Love-feeling and say that, from now on, that is how you are going to live. You will discover, as you have discovered on countless occasions previously, that you do not do that. You cannot merely make it an ideal, in other words. You must first become involved in love by finding 

That which Is Love, 
which comes to you as Love, 
and which Is Supremely Attractive. 

Acknowledge That One, know That One, and allow yourself to respond to That One in love. You cannot find what you are looking for in one another. You must find It in person, directly. 

Become the devotee of That One, 
and you will find Love 

You will find It in a special way in your partner. You will make your marriages out of that Love disposition when you hear and see me. Then you will have the means to practice truly.
Thus, it is my purpose to sacrifice myself, to appear in this hellish domain, in order to make it into purgatory. But it is not my purpose to live in purgatory forever, any more than it is my purpose to have you live in purgatory forever. The purpose of my living is heavenly or Divine. In other words, I have not come here simply to suffer your resistance and absorb your limitations, but to Distract you out of this condition, out of this place, into the Divine Domain. 
My purpose is to awaken you to a disposition of Divine Distraction, in which you are Ecstatic, free of your limits, inherently sinless, karmaless, so that without effort you can move with me out of this limitation, this place of purification and suffering.

Therefore, there is the wounded Master in your company, 
but there is also the Glorious Master in your company. 

That wounded one is an instrument with which to draw you out of yourself so that you may enter into the Glorious Domain. In order for this to occur, 

you must become a devotee.

–excerpts from a talk Love of the God-Man 
by the Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1983 

© 2010 The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya Pty Ltd, as trustee for 
the Da Love-Ananda Samrajya. 
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed

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