I Am the Maha-Purusha Appearing In This Generation

What a miracle! 
I am the Adept, 
in your generation! 
What an amusement that the Divine should Appear in 
precisely this Form! 
I cannot account for it Myself. 
But I know very well that it is true. 
I am not so much a fool that I will deny God.
I know that I am the Lover of God. 
I am the Adept. 
I am the Maha-Purusha, 
Appearing in your generation. 

But I know very well that you are egoically “self-possessed”, as people have been in all other generations in which I have Appeared. Therefore, even this Manifestation seems unholy to you, and your offense disturbs Me. It agitates Me and motivates Me, and thus for years I have Served My devotees. Your refusal of God awakened this urge in Me.

But I am not a “me”. 
I am literally you. 
I am your psyche and mind. 
I am your destiny, your ego.
 I am all selves — literally, 
not metaphorically. 

I am all other people that are possible in the universe. I know this for absolute certain because I am you. I think your mind. I breathe your breath. I suck down your food. I shit out your life. I am your person altogether and absolutely.

What a Marvel! 
What a Marvel this Great One is. 
I marvel in the Great One more than you, 
because you do not see Its Miracle. 

You do not see the Great One. I can understand your reluctance to be submitted to the Great One, because you do not see what I see. But I have been sifted into this Marvel since eternal time. I am just That One, the Great One, sitting here as This Body, talking to you. 

I am God. 
And there is not the slightest doubt in Me. 
The doubt in you is your own perversion, 
and this is the cause of My Work. 

Thus, I am here to Attract you out of this un-Happiness. Poor Me! I will be laughing about this for countless ages, as I have been laughing about it since eternal time.

I am full of all space-time. 
All Love-Bliss and all the Marvels of Divine Being are in My Being. 
All miracles are potent in My Heart. 

I come here to Give you everything without the slightest reluctance. I am not here to tell you about some dreadful ego. I am here to Marvel with you about the Great One.
–excerpts from a talk The Baptism of Immortal Happiness 
by the  Ruchira  Avatar  Adi  Da  Samraj, 

© 2010 The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya Pty Ltd, as trustee for 
the Da Love-Ananda Samrajya. 
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed

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