Maya Traps You, Interests You, Then Murders You

You never understand this “maya,” this illusion that is Nature, until you realize the Condition of consciousness. This maya, this samsaric realm, this body-mind, this world of Nature, is just a machine that drives you, motivates you, traps you, interests you, and murders you. 
This maya can never be understood by taking up a position in the realm of maya, or, in other words, by being the ego. But this Realm of Nature, this life, this sphere of energies taking all these forms, can be comprehended once we realize Its Principle. Then all of Nature becomes obvious.

Therefore, it is said in the ancient scriptures of India 
that there is One Thing to be known, 
and if you know It, 
then you know everything. 

To realize Brahman, the Principle upon which all of this is a play, is the Supreme Science. Until you realize that Principle, you can never understand the play of manifestation. You may manufacture all kinds of explanations for it, none of which is true, but until you Realize Brahman, Truth, Consciousness, until you are It, until you enter into It most perfectly, become the Siddha or the Master of that Realization, existence is a torment, deluded, absurd, and maniacal.

We suffer the countless stresses that all the little digits arising in 
the infinite Realm of Energy create. 

Nature does not dictate the purpose of existence to us. We just imagine that it does. We can be instantly liberated from that illusion by hearing the word of the Siddha, the Realized Master, and entering into the consideration of the Teaching of Truth in his Company. Then the Siddhi of Realization is granted to us as a Gift and becomes the Environment of our contemplation.

In general, people want to practice at a distance. 
They prefer to not quite understand the Message or Teaching 
of the Spiritual Master. 

Their practice is to take a little taste of this Way and a little taste of all the other ways and basically to bow only to themselves. Well, this is how to guarantee rebirth as just as much of a bewildered sucker as you are now!

Avatar  Adi  Da  Samraj
June, 1982

© 2010 The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya Pty Ltd, as trustee for 
the Da Love-Ananda Samrajya. 
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed

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