The Way Isn’t a Thing 
Some Smiling Jerk Can Buy

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: I started Communicating this Wisdom-Teaching, rather bright-eyed, more than a decade ago already, and I am still Struggling with the same lack of response in people that I encountered when I began. Nobody is really interested. I have not really seen any response to my Work [spoken in 1981]. I have seen the usual, gleeful, sitting-around-at-a-Iecture attitude with which people respond to movies and TV. The Teaching Argument is just as commonplace. 
To enter into a higher frame of existence is just not very important to people. They really do not care to do it, particularly if it requires great effort, great energy, great attention, great intelligence, great will. Anything great to be Realized requires all of those things, but people are used to being sold everything, as if they can just have it at a cost they can comfortably afford.

Like everyone else, you are adapted to the psychology of the consumer. 
If something exists to be desired, 
you can have it just by coming into contact with it, or by going to a store, 
by picking up a book, and by going someplace for a weekend. 
Everything is supposed to be instantly consumable. 

The message is that what is between you and a mouthwash is the distance between here and the store. You only need to plunk your money down. Everything is like a sex-object, conceived solely in terms of its consumability, its desirability. Even the great Realizations of human life have somehow been drawn into the stream of communications that propose such things merely as desirable objects. 
However, the substance of Spiritual life is not merely a desirable object that you can notice and then desire just because it is there, or that you can acquire simply by coming in touch with it. The conventional consumer’s mind says that there is nothing between you and anything you might desire but space, whereas what is really between you and What is Great is much more than space! The distance between you and What is Great is not only space but time, or mind. It is the distance between where you are now and your ultimate overcoming. 

God-Realization is not a consumable product. 
Spiritual Teaching cannot be presented as a consumable object. 
To become a successful institution or religion business involves 
making the Teaching somehow consumable, 
an object you can sell. 

And if the Teaching is to be an object you can sell, then not only the Instructions but also the Realization must become salable.
People are not interested in coming to your church if Enlightenment is not what they get by coming there. If they do come to your church, and you tell them all the things they must do in order to become Enlightened, they go to sleep. People simply do not have any tolerance for the Way whereby the Great Things are Realized. They reject the whole process. It is too much. They think it is evil. They cannot desire the Way.
If you cannot make a religious or Spiritual offering in its fullness available like a consumable object, you cannot generate the growth that seems desirable. Religious institutions grow, therefore, by creating religious illusions, consumable religious products, consumable Spiritual products. 

Religious institutions hype illusion, or ideas, 
in such a fashion as to make them desirable, 
make them somehow seem like Enlightenment itself. 
You would think that just the ideas themselves were the equivalent 
of ultimate Realization, or ultimate Happiness. 
All you have to do is consume these things. 

All you have to do is get kriya initiation, and right then, having gotten that now, you are happy. People flock to organizations to get products that are hyped, thinking that they are getting Happiness, or getting the ultimate Great Thing. But they are not getting true Happiness at all. The religion business exists to make the unattainable seem like a product that can be purchased.
I have been Teaching the Real Thing to people all these years, and I know what happens to people when they are confronted with the realities of Spirituality. Unless they are unusual people, they basically do not respond. They somehow can get attached to the Teacher, or attached to whatever organization may seem to develop around the Teacher, because they are hopeful of something, or because in the context of belonging certain goods come across so consoling that people do not mind being hangers-on.

But we do not have an “Enlightenment-product” to sell here. 
The Way must be lived. 
The Way requires disciplines. 

As soon as we emphasize the disciplines in The Laughing Man Institute and talk about the profound orientation to practice, every student wants to retreat and become a friend. But if we keep The Laughing Man Institute a kind of middle-class religion business, wherein we do not make demands too heavily and we permit people to dramatize their human ordinariness, then we can make that department into a business. People do not mind being consumers of The Laughing Man Institute business we produce here-although even so it is very difficult to develop that business!
One of the reasons it has been so difficult to establish The Laughing Man Institute is that the Wisdom-Teaching is inherently critical of the point of view of religion business. This Wisdom-Teaching just does not have anything to do with anything like religion business. 

The Wisdom-Teaching is not consumable. 
The Way is not consumable. 
The Way is not something some smiling jerk can purchase 
and tell his friends about. 
It is too difficult, 
too profound.

The problem with the people who are involved here is that they have not observed life itself in such a light that they are motivated toward the Great Process. Life still seems to them to be an amusing opportunity. They want to continue with its consolations. They are not really observing life as a whole. They are not really seeing what is before them. The profound nature of existence escapes them. They are involved in a very superficial level of existence, largely oriented toward bodily amusement. For them, life is the proposition of bodily fulfilment. Of course there is mortality and difficulty, and therefore they like to throw a little religion into their heads, just to protect themselves.
This Teaching is not the kind of religion that can serve such a purpose. The kind of religion that can serve that purpose is conventional, exoteric, downtown “church-ism” and all the hype of self-help groups. 

The ultimate, Transcendental, esoteric Spiritual Process 
has always been a great matter. 
Very few have ever been involved in it. 
Very few even heard about it before the last century. 
The ordinary run of humanity just is not in touch with it. 
Thus, it has always been reserved.
excerpts from a talk by Adi Da Samraj 
October 18, 1981

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.,
as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.


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