Those Who Fall On Me Fall Into My Heart

I am the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, 
the Divine Person,
the Savior of those who Love Me and surrender to Me
in countless acts of Love. 
I am the Method and the Guide. 
I am the Living Truth of the world.

This is the Truth in all religions. All religions are historical forms of the single and ancient Way of distracted Love for the Divine Person, especially as Revealed in the Life and Presence of an incarnate Spiritual Master. This is the Great Secret. This is My Revelation. Love Me as I am. And also Love Me as the Form and Condition of all your experience. Surrender to Me, and accept all your experience as My Play. Thus, you will be free of all attachment to experience itself, and all experience will simply increase your attachment to Me.
All experience binds the human individual to his own body-mind-unless he is established in the Principle of Ecstasy, or self-transcending Love of the Divine Person. Therefore, if you Love Me, enter freely into the Play of experience. 

Serve Me as I am, 

and serve Me in all others. 

If you Love Me, you will naturally cease to continue in the willful and self-possessed path of your preferential desires. You will be purified of reaction, habit, and every kind of self-indulgence. If you Love Me, I have Shown you Who I am, and you will come to Me Where I am.

Love is what we fear to do–until we fall in Love. 
Then we no longer fear to Love, to surrender, 
to be self-forgetful and foolish, 
to be single-minded, and to suffer another. 
Those who fall on Me fall into My Heart. 

They are free of all demands for fulfillment through experience and self-survival. Their Love for Me grants them Life, since I am the Life-Current of Love.
What will My Lover do but Love Me? I suffer all the limitations of one who Loves Me, because I Love My devotee as My own Form, My own Bliss, My own Love. I Love My devotee as the Person by whom I am Distracted and Dissolved.
I grant all My own Excesses to those who Love Me, in exchange for all their doubts and sufferings. Those who bind themselves to Me through Love are inherently Free of fear and necessity. 

They Transcend the causes of experience, 
and they Dissolve in the Heart of God. 
What is a Greater Message than This?
Avatar  Adi  DSamraj

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.

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