The Practice Must Occupy Your Entire Life

The practice must occupy your entire life. 
You must devote your entire life to it. 
You must be devoted completely to it.
Otherwise, being only superficially associated with it, 
you may perhaps realize a better life 
by virtue of your coming into my Company, 

But you will not fulfill the Way in your lifetime.
Instead you will devote the Virtue of this Way, 
the Spiritual Transmission Awakened in my Company, 
to the ordinary purposes of your living, 
and fundamentally 

It will only grant Energy to the same thing you are already doing.
Therefore, to the degree you are suffering, 
your suffering will be intensified. 
To the degree you are successful, 
your successes will be intensified.
But you will never merely be successful. 

You will also become exaggerated and 

bastardize the Virtue that is given to you. 

You are here, as Rudi would often say, 
to give birth to a spiritual child, 
which is God, the Divine Self 
riding on Its own fire, 
Its own glorious Vehicle.
You must set It free from this egg, 
this born confinement, 
this shell of egoity.
Release It through the spiritual process, 
through self-understanding and self-transcendence.

Avatar  Adi  DSamraj

© 2010 The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya Pty Ltd, as trustee for
the Da Love-Ananda Samrajya.
All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed

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