The Trickster Shocks You Out of Your Rigidity

People being tricksterish with one another all the time is a Fijian characteristic. There may be individuals in certain villages or groups who very overtly do it in a special way. Part of what its about is that certain people are given permission or license by the community to offend or even violate conventional behavior and conventional attitudes and so forth.
Look at things like a movie–comedians commonly play this role. They’re supposed to be as exaggeratedly offensive and creative about it as they can possibly get, you see. Some people think at some point it starts getting tasteless and then its not liked. Well, very often that’s when its doing its work. It shocks you out of the rigidity of a life that should be a play, a sacred play. 
When the clown or the trickster makes you notice that you’re sort of grim and uptight about being this good person, he’s not saying not to be a good person. He’s saying don’t be uptight. Its supposed to be a play, you know. Be really good, not puritanical and nasty.
So you’ve got to be shown all this by comedians and tricksters of all kinds, so you can get playful about it again. Don’t get lunch-righteous. Practice the diet, but don’t get lunch- righteous. You should be playful. Its just right life, right discipline, totally coincides with your point of view of what you’re supposed to be doing altogether. So its nothing to be righteous about.
But in living the conventional life day to day, with all the expectations presumably, people do get rather grim and dried up about it. So this is understood in traditional societies, and therefore they always had tricksters. But, come to think of it, so do people in the modern day. They hire comedians, pay for them in night clubs. You pay people to mock you. You select certain people to do this. You’ve employed Me to Do it.

Avatar  Adi  Da  Samraj,   1995

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.

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