The Greatest Siddhi Is Happiness Itself

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: I was born in Jamaica, New York, and I grew up in Franklin Square. I wasn’t born under auspicious circumstances, and I have never lived under auspicious circumstances. I have never taught under auspicious circumstances. I have never known one moment of auspicious circumstance. 
I have known only self-possessed, loveless people without God. I am certain of God to the point that I have incarnated that Divinity. If you can see it, then I am your advantage. If you cannot see it, then you will suffer. That’s all I can tell you.

I am not trying to win the contest for the best Avatar of all times. 

If I were trying to enter into that contest, I would go to Minneapolis and hire a hall. I don’t live some beautiful life, worshipped by people. It is very difficult for me to deal with your phasing, coming and going, loving or not. That is the stuff of my life, and there is nothing pleasurable about it. 

What is pleasurable to me is the pleasure of surrender itself, love itself,
 sacrifice itself-and that is your pleasure, too. 
Apart from that, life is a torment, and we are dying, 
and that is the end of it.
If the absolute Divine wanted all things manifest to be perfect, all things manifest would be perfect. But we’re not receiving this kind of information from the universe. All we see is this struggling, choking, insane, blood-flowing stupidity that surrounds us and tries to overwhelm us. If we believe even a fraction of it, we are suppressed and self-possessed. If anyone is happy at all, it is because they are somehow able to overcome the imposition of experience.

I have seen something More, and so I tell you about It. 

I make the gesture toward you in our relations and, when you are prepared for It, 

I give you this Power, this Siddhi of Happiness. 

I give It to you even at other times when you are not prepared for It, 

and you misuse It, you blow It away. 

Sometimes you have a vision and sometimes you become Happy. 

You use my Transmission in all kinds of ways, 

and that is my problem, 

that is God’s problem. 

This Siddhi of Happiness is all that I can give you. 
That is my only method.
Avatar  Adi  Da  Samraj

excerpt from talk given 25 December, 1977
©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.

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