I Have No Intention To Tolerate a Bunch of Fakers

There has to be a cultural input that is senior to 

peoples’ egoic disposition, 

that tests them, 

keeps them accountable, 

measures them according to My Word, 

keeps the discipline of that test alive and viable, 

so that revisionism does not take over Adidam and egos do not take over Adidam, 

so Adidam does not become a mummery. 

People always tend to be the mummery because 

egos are mummers by tendency. 

That is what you would be, 

that is what you are, 

that is what you always have been. 

You would continue to be it if you were allowed to be.

I have no intention to create a cult or tolerate a bunch of fakers. 

So I always have to Address you for real and Work for the authentication of this Way — 

and do everything possible, 

say everything possible, 

everything necessary to get it straight, 

to get it right, 

to keep it straight and right 

and leave you with the means that can authenticate this gathering 


Adi Da Samraj, 21 December, 2004

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.


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