Consciousness or Love Is the Self That Is God

What is the Condition or ultimate Domain in which light exists? 

What is the Condition in which Nature exists? 

We tend to think of Nature in the archaic terms of material processes. But we now also presume that E=mc², that Nature is only light or energy. What, then, is the Condition or “Place” in which light-energy is arising? The Realization of that Condition is the ultimate religious, esoteric, and spiritual discovery. Truly, energy is arising in the Transcendental, Absolute, and Perfect Domain that is Consciousness. Consciousness is Absolute, Infinite, Radiant Bliss—Undifferentiated and All-Pervading. It is that Condition in which light and “matter” and “mind” and all of us are arising. It is that Condition which is called “God,” even by those who have no direct Realization of the Truth. 

The play of energy, or light, is, therefore, also God. 

And the human body-mind is full of light, or the Energy of Life. Indeed, Man is only light, or Life, even bodily. And the body of Man is to be Realized as nothing but Radiant Consciousness, or Love, which is the Self that is God.

Thus, we are always already established in a Divine Paradox. That is how we must understand the entire Realm of Nature. We should not despair of understanding the universe simply because we cannot go beyond the “Big Bang” in tracing the material chain of causes and effects. We may be deprived, at least as Man, of a certain inspection of the mechanics of great material processes—or we may not. Perhaps everything can be intuited. 

If we can enter into the domain of the psyche, the higher mind, or the consciousness of light-energy in its subtler aspects, perhaps we can then discover even the causative processes of material existence that existed previous to the “Big Bang” and that are otherwise unavailable to inspection by bodily or gross physical investigation by Man. Like the higher Wisdom or Truth itself, this intuitive capacity is also hidden in religion. It is simply not considered or utilized by the current scientific establishment and our conventions of knowing.

The conception of E=mc² is arising in the Transcendental Depth that is Consciousness, just as are the self-idea and the subjective consciousness of the individual. 

The subjective or egoic self or body-mind is realized in the seventh or perfect stage of life to be not other than energy. It is not merely self-contained or objectively experienced bliss, but it is ecstasy, or a Realization founded on self-transcendence, or the perfect sacrifice of the body-mind of the individual. It is Love, Energy, Radiance, and Absolute Consciousness. Everything is Realized to be simply the modification of that One Self and Reality Who is Absolute Consciousness and Absolute Energy, Undifferentiated, Transcendental, and All-Pervading. That is God and the Truth of the individual self. 

That One may be Realized to be one’s very Self in ecstasy, when one transcends the subjective or psycho-physical self-reference and enters into God-consciousness truly. That One may also be felt in relationship, Pervading all experience. And that One may be felt as a Divine Personality, great beyond ordinary conception, but nonetheless a Person, not mere energy (like the rays of the sun), but Consciousness (like the sun itself), Alive, Pervading all, Transcending all, Existing as all.

Presently, in the cause-and-effect terms of time and space, you cannot go beyond the “Big Bang” to account for yourself. 

You can, however, enter into consideration of the super-dimensional realm in which “matter” truly exists. 

That is an altogether different consideration of physics. 

What is the Condition in which light arises? 

When that Condition can be conceptually presumed through mathematical and technological consideration of phenomena, then those who are presently bound to the subhuman limits of popular scientific conceptions may realize a much higher cultural stage of human life. That cultural realization will bridge the gap between religion and science, and, ultimately, between esoteric and exoteric knowledge. It must be presumed, deeply in the psyche, that matter is a form of energy, a modification of light. But we must also see that light, energy, change, arises within the Infinite Radiance of Transcendental Consciousness. And what that means is that matter (and, therefore, the human body) likewise arises in Consciousness, since matter can be rightly conceived only as a modification of light. 

This higher and practical consideration must be brought into the scientific realm of physics, so that the spiritual consideration of Truth can begin to be understood in its fullest sense. This is an exalted consideration It is not a street-level salvation “gospel.” It is available to ordinary people if they will be converted to true and esoteric spiritual practice, but the origin and the fulfillment of the consideration itself is founded in a most high and ultimate Realization that exceeds all the limits of the body-mind of Man.

— the Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj,

excerpt from “The Transcendental Vision: Christ=mc2” talk, 1980 

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.

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