You Are Utterly Ripped-Off Every Time You Die
You are not going to go to heaven from here. 
You are going to die, literally and absolutely. 
Not just a little bit. 
It is not just your body that is going to die. 
You are going to die, and that is the truth. 

All of these consoling philosophies try to make you assume that only your body is going to die, and somehow you, the same as you are now, are going to pop out and zap around in some wilderness of light. That is absolutely not going to happen. You are going to die.
So You must realize, during life, that real and prior Condition of existence which is always already transcending psycho-physical life, which is always already transcending the psyche, the mind, the person, the limited one. 

Then you will realize that happiness that is not concerned to be reincarnated or not. 
It does not make any difference how many thousands of times you have been reincarnated. 
You do not by tendency remember a damn one of them, other than this one. 

What is so consoling about reincarnation? You can just put it aside. It makes no difference whether it is a fact of this universe. You have nothing whatever to do with it, because you are utterly ripped off every time you pass out of life. The whole psyche that you have built up is ripped off. It dies, absolutely. It does not survive any longer than the body. And if you are smart you will realize that transcendent existence while alive. 

That is what spiritual life is all about, not all the soul and occult bullshit about survival. 

You do not survive. 

And that does not mean that you are annihilated, that death is death. It means that your existence is of a transcendent nature, not of a limited one. Nothing that is conditional survives. You live in God, and you are utterly of that Nature, and within the Divine Nature you appear periodically to move through changes, processes of various kinds, but you never lose the status of the Divine.
If you assume the status of any limitation whatsoever, you will suffer the death of that, and while alive you will feel as if you are dying, you will feel as if you are lost. The only point of view from which to live any life in any world is that of absolute Self-realization and God-knowledge. 

Everything else is ripped off, it does not survive

So the spiritual Community must always live as if that were so. Your tendency is not to live as if that were so, your tendency is to live the cultic life of seekers, in dilemma, pursuing the states of conceived happiness through various means. 
All of that is without real foundation, utterly and already false. It is the cultic doctrine of Narcissus, it is utterly fruitless and without foundation.

–Adi Da Samraj, 1974

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.

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