Ultimately There Is No World

Perfect realization is a radical enjoyment prior to all manifest conditions. 
And that perfect realization or conscious Satsang itself perfects or transforms life. 
This world is God-Theatre, and as long as the Divine Condition is lived, 
there tend to be transformations of the life-circle. 
But Truth is not riding on that transformation. 
It is just theatre, and if it comes to an end, fine. 
If it attains some beautiful aesthetic manifestation, that is also fine. 
But all of it is there to be understood, 
and you must remain free whether the body is apparently impure, 
or whether it is in fact pure. 
In either case there is no such “thing.” 
There is no body. 

Ultimately, there is no world. 

There is no limiting condition that is real or true, not even temporarily or apparently. 
All limits are forms of cognition and perception generated in the present by the 
assumption of the conventional model of existence. 
There is only one fundamental absolute Enjoyment. 
That is the fundamental communication of Truth, 
and its realization liberates men from all kinds of concerns
for the secondary affairs of life. 
Then the life-circle itself can also go about perfecting itself, 
and the apparent individual’s participation in it 
will be humorous, happy, creative, and free.

Adi  Da  Samraj,  1974

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.


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