Born-Again From Above

A pharisee, named Nicodemus, who was, himself, a Judean religious leader, [John 3:1] approached Jesus for a confidential meeting. So, Nicodemus met with Jesus privately, at night, in what was to become the typical circumstance wherein Jesus would give both Spiritual instruction and his Spiritual Blessing-Transmission to people he accepted within his “inner circle”.
To begin their meeting, Nicodemus addressed Jesus very formally, with great respect, saying, “Rabbi, I have certainty that you are a true Spiritual Master, and that you have Descended to here from the Divine domain Above.” [John 3:2]
And this was Jesus’ reply to Nicodemus: “No one in this world can get to know the Divine Spiritual Presence without, themselves, first being born to here from Above.” [John 3:3]
Nicodemus was sincerely puzzled by Jesus’ reply. And, so, Nicodemus said to Jesus, “How can anybody who has already been born here get to be reborn while they are still alive? It is not possible for anyone to get back into their mother’s womb and have their mother give birth to them all over again.” [John 3:4]
So, Jesus spoke again, to make himself even more clear. “No one can re-enter the Divine domain Above without first being Spiritually re-born here. [John 3:5] The merely bodily human being is, in effect, born from water, which is a merely natural element.
The Divine domain is entirely Spiritual in its nature and characteristics, and, so, nothing merely elemental can fit into the Divine domain. [John 3:61] 
Do not let yourself get all confused about my statement to you, that every one must be born to here from Above. [John 3:71] 
The Divine Spirit-Breath Pervades everywhere in this entire world, like a wind that blows through an open place. You may hear the sound of a wind, but you cannot observe where it originated, nor can you predict where it may go next. 
Similarly, every one who receives the Divine Spirit-Breath has, in fact, received what has Descended from Above. Therefore, if anyone receives the Divine Spirit-Breath here, in this world, he or she has, in fact, been born to here from Above. 
And this Event of being Spiritually re-born to here is a Mystery of Divine Spiritual Transmission, that comes freely from the Divine domain Above, and that requires total and truly devotional surrender–rather than cleverness, control, and strategy–if any one is to receive it.” [John 3:81]
And Nicodemus, still wondering what to do, asked further, “How can that Divine Transmission of Spirit-Breath ever be made to happen to any one, if they cannot do anything in particular to make it happen to them?” [John 3:91]
So, Jesus, just about running out of patience with his own efforts to explain everything to Nicodemus, brought the conversation to an end, by saying, “Nicodemus, you are a professional religious teacher–so, why do you not understand any of this? I am only telling you what I know by actual experience. 
The proof of the Divine Spiritual Transmission from Above is only in the actual evidence of the experience of receiving the Descent of the Divine Spirit-Breath into the body. Therefore, you will understand my teaching words about the Divine Spirit-Breath when you experience my Spiritual Blessing in your own body, here and now.”
And, then, Jesus Blessed Nicodemus with the Divine Spirit-Breath, all over and within the entire body of Nicodemus, there. And, with that, Nicodemus always afterwards knew exactly what Jesus was talking about. [John 3:10]

from The Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee, by Adi Da Samraj

©2010 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd.

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