The World-Appearance Is an Automatic Display, 
a Dream

The root current of consciousness, the root of subjectivity, is in the Heart. Until there is penetration of this root of definition, of consciousness, there is no knowledge in Truth of the Light from which this current descends and ascends. The saints do not know that Light in Truth because they remain in the ego, they remain souls, their salvation is not perfect. It is a conventional and karmic salvation. The way of the saints is a karmic path, a path of tendency, inclination, and effort. It may be done by anyone, perhaps not very quickly, perhaps not even in this lifetime. Perhaps barely any success at all can be achieved in this lifetime, but any living being can do it. It is a matter of persistence, and it is a matter of choice, a conventional interest. It does not touch upon what suffering is, what in fact all of this life is.
The subtle worlds are just as mechanical as this one, yet you do not even see this one as being mechanical. 
You think you are very creative doing your thing. But the appearance of the world is an automatic display, a dream. Every moment is being cranked out, predetermined. There is nothing new about this life. It is suffering and illusion. You know it as something in itself and so you pursue various ways of consoling yourself in it, among which are spiritual and religious paths. But you do not undo it. To undo it you must become sober, you must become free of your karmic illusion, you must become free of your path of tendency. You must become free of your consolations, your goals, the changes of state, high or low, that are desirable to you. You must really appreciate the nature of this condition and the inherent suffering that it involves. When this freedom begins to appear, then another kind of perception arises that is intuitive in nature, not a matter of tendency, of decision, of strategy. In that new perception, all that arises is to be sacrificed and understood.
The root of subjectivity must be undone.
The root of subjectivity, the root of the fundamental definition of consciousness–and everything is that definition, everything from a body to a perception to a world to the ego sense itself–that root of spontaneous modification of consciousness must be undone. The root of the causal being, the contraction in the causal being that we call “me’ or the soul, the self, the person, the individual, the karmic entity–that must be undone. Its essential nature must be comprehended. It must be sacrificed in its own nature. The consciousness must be restored to itself, not to higher modifications of itself as in the traditional paths, but to its very Self, its very Nature.

–Adi Da Samraj, 1976

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