During the Night of Mankind, I Awakened

During the night of mankind, I Awakened as perfect, absolute, awesome Love-Bliss, in Which the body and the mind, even every functional sheath, boiled into a solder of undifferentiated Reality. 

It was the madness of dissolution into most perfect Self-Awareness, Infinitely Expanded, my own inherently boundless Presence, wherein there is only “Brightness”, not qualified by conditional identification, or self-differentiation, or ego-based desire.

Hereafter, I am Free of bondage to the cosmic Power. 

I am unexploitable. 

The Shakti that appears apart, as any form of apparently independent, or merely cosmic, Power and Presence, is no longer the Great Importance. 

The Presence of Power “outside” appears as such only to seekers, for they, having already separated themselves, pursue forms of Energy, visions, nature-powers, liberation, and God. True Knowledge is free of all bondage to forms (or modifications) of Energy, all seeking, all motivation to “do” based on identification with conditional experience. 

Egoic ignorance and suffering are simply this separateness, this difference, this search. At last, the “outside” Shakti sacrifices Herself in the Heart. Thereafter, there is no gnawing wonder, no un-Known “secret” about anything that appears.

–Adi Da Samraj, The Knee of Listening, after Vedanta Temple Event


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