Discard the Whole Body-Being to Infinity
The wise man or woman will go beyond his (or her) humanity, beyond his physical, sexual, emotional, mental adaptation, even beyond being a moral or worthy being in this world. He will move to adapt to functions higher than the human psyche, so that he may be projected into a dimension that corresponds to his adaptation. The truly wise individual will become an absolute sacrifice to the Divine. 

The more conventional aspirant looks to climb the ladder of the body toward cosmic knowledge and visions. But the true devotee transcends all knowledge and experience and passes into perfect God-Communion. He passes to and beyond the sahasrar. He does not linger in any of the levels of knowledge, but, on the basis of the realization of the heart, discards the whole body-being to Infinity.

–Adi Da Samraj, 1978, The Way That I Teach

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