We Function As Programmed Entities
or Is the Nervous System “You”?

We must appreciate ourselves through self-observation–observe how, as functional or manifest beings, we are programmed entities. We are perhaps not as mechanical as robots, but the metaphor of the robot is usable, nevertheless. We are programmed through experience, through stimulus-response learning, through social learning, and through the trial of our own limitations and difficulties, to use certain functions of the brain and the nervous system and the functional being altogether. 
The programs that most people are animating involve the functions of the motor activity of the brain, the nervous system, and the body, and the thinking activity of the outer-directed mind. We use these systems in order to achieve a semblance of well-being, comfort, and pleasure, and the efforts whereby we pursue these ends may be seen to be efforts to overcome the three fundamental difficulties of boredom, doubt, and discomfort.

We are always stimulating the motor and thinking mechanisms to overcome boredom, doubt, and discomfort and achieve well-being and pleasure. But those very mechanisms, by being constantly stimulated and brought to a point of achieving some sort of enjoyment, become insatiable. We require more and more remarkable stimulations of body and mind to achieve a relative degree of pleasure. The more we think, for example, the more extraordinary our thinking must become to satisfy us. We become addicted to the pursuits we can engage through motor activity and thought, and we are constantly agitated by this motivation. We feel always haunted by our limitations, our difficulties, or boredom, doubt, and discomfort.

–Adi Da Samraj, The Dreaded Gom-Boo, 1982

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