The Siddhi “Does” the Meditation
by Adi Da Samraj

When you have gotten tired of trying to get free or find God, when you have gotten tired of being motivated in that way, then you may begin to feel your game. 
Then you may become available to the Guru, first perhaps by coming across the Teaching in some form. You begin to see something about it all by considering the Teaching. 

Finally, you enter into relationship with the Guru. In fact, he enters into relationship with you. The process of Satsang is not one in which you are given a remedy for your problem, a cure that you are supposed to perform on yourself, but one in which the fundamental Condition is that prior relationship, that Divine Communion. 

It is not a matter of meditating yourself to the point of realization. The actual Siddhi of the Divine is activated in that relationship, and that Siddhi does the meditation. That Siddhi is the meditation

The Guru assumes your enlightenment. 

He doesnt mechanically enlighten you, or give you something to do to enlighten yourself. He absorbs you. He is you to begin with, but the Guru in human form consciously assumes your Divine state in every function in which you appear. He assumes it in your very cells and literally, actively lives you. 

The Guru literally meditates you. 

He is in a position to do so, since he is you. The mystery of that process is how this kind of spiritual life is generated and fulfilled. It is fulfilled from the beginning. That Satsang is perfect.
Excerpt from the book No Remedy
Compiled & edited by Bonnie Beavan and Nina Jones in collaboration with 
Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj).

First edition: 1975 – Revised edition 1976

Original Cover 1975, from Beezone

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