Conventional Religion Is a Hamburger For the Mind
by Adi Da Samraj
All neurotics support themselves with illusions, and are deluded not only psychically but also physically. The eating habits of neurotics tend to be associated with taking false food, food that really does not sustain the body or promote a sense of well-being but that becomes toxins or obstructions in the body. This is why there is so much junk food in our society. Junk food is the equivalent of false psychic, psychological, and philosophical views. 

It is fake food, plastic, an illusion of food, just as conventional religion is 
an illusion of Truth.

Perhaps we could say that our primary problem, the illusory problem, the “Dreaded Gom-Boo,” is a distortion of the eliminative capacity of the total being, and is therefore associated with illusion, delusion, falsity, imitation Reality, fake food. What we need to do, then, is to break out of this contraction and restore the eliminative capacity or the capacity for release, and release the self-contraction, not just as a psychological event, however, but as a total event in every area of the being. Therefore, you must submit yourself as a physical being to becoming an eliminative character.
This conclusion is not compatible with the conventional, social self-idea promoted in our society. We are not supposed to think of ourselves as eliminative characters. We are supposed to think of ourselves as acquisitive characters, people who acquire things, the consumer always stuffing itself, filling itself, consoling itself. Conventional religion is just another consumer product for neurotics who cannot release and let go of things, and who, being in a self-toxified state physically, psychically, and altogether, need to console themselves with illusions. Conventional religion is a McDonald’s hamburger for the mind. It is not real food. It is not Truth. It is just a support for a being that cannot be free, that cannot release itself.
Our entire society is based on the consumer psychology, not the eliminative psychology of free being. Thus, you feel guilt and shame relative to the bodily function of elimination, and the same relative to sex, which on one level has an eliminative function. You do practice sex as elimination, but you eliminate Life through your obsession with the convention of orgasm, whereas in the sex function you should be releasing not precious vitality but negative feelings and physical self-consciousness. You should conduct Life, not let It go.

You must become a person who does not need illusions to live. 

And if you are going to be a person who does not need illusions to live, you must become capable of eliminating or releasing the self-contraction and all accumulations. You must become a renunciate, not an ascetic but a releaser, a true renunciate. Renunciation in the Way that I Teach is the capacity for self-release, the constant exercise of release of accumulations. It is to cease to be an accumulator or an owner and instead to be a released being in the Real Condition.

excerpts from the book  The Dreaded Gom-Boo, 1983


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