The Force of the Teaching Is Not To Send You 
to a Better World
by Adi Da Samraj

Your life current is entered into this machine, you see, projecting the TV image, your face, “I”, the program is going on. Unless you practice the spiritual way, you will not enter into the Source, the Current and Consciousness that is that Source of your own apparently independent existence and all of nature. 

You must enter into that Source while you live, and regularly, and become unified with it, become truly religious, and then ultimately transcend religion. Enter into intimacy with it, and ultimately into a state of perfect identification with it. 

If you do not, then you simply continue the program after death.  Eventually you will dissociate, drop down into another TV set projecting another image in this world (or some similarly conditioned world), and in the process, in between times from death to the next program, the next time you come on the air in a new TV set, you will wander in the bardos of the mind planes, just as you can dream all kinds of terrible and pleasurable possibilities of mind (when you are a dreaming “you”) dissociated from a physical personae.  

As when you are dreaming, you are not consciously identified with the physical personae lying in bed.  Just so, the after-death state is an apparently free mind state in which you seem to take on roles and so forth, but are not identified with a fixed personae.

So all kinds of possibilities are arising, may arise there. The immediate experience after death can be pleasurable temporarily, but then it passes, and all kinds of illusions arise. You think you’re in some place, about to get your head chopped off, or to be snuffed out in darkness or burned alive, and then zap you’re standing in a park somewhere seeing your relatives, and then zap you’re seeing lights and tunnels and there’s no end to it.

In the case of a more benignly conditioned personality, the after-death phenomena are more pleasurable, but still founded in egoity and an essential discomfort, and for grossly and psychotically programmed personalities, the after-death condition can be horrible. 

It’s not forever, but it can be a terrible passage, the drama of confrontation with demons and purgatorial and hellish states of damnation, things that seem like they’re forever, and then suddenly vanish, but you don’t know that that’s the way it’s going to be.

The force of this Teaching is not merely to send you to a better world after death, or to give you a better circumstance in your next lifetime. It’s the understanding that you are in an in-between state now, and you can completely understand your present condition to the point of transcending it. 

You can drop out of the program; you can outshine it. 

It’s not a matter of separating from it; it’s a matter of clearly understanding it and outshining it by standing free, standing in the position in which we eternally and presently therefore exist, the condition that is being flowed in the inert machines and animated in the program.

excerpted from unpublished talk 1982

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