excerpts from “Self-Liberated From The Stave In The Wheels”
By Adi Da Samraj, The Ruchira Avatar

In the book The Three Christ’s of Ypsilanti*, by Milton Rokeach, there is an instructive (and archetypally significant) account of an actual happening in a psychiatric institution, illustrating what occurs when presumed human “absolutes” confront each other in the same “territory”. Milton Rokeach, a social psychologist and personality theorist, held regular group meetings with three male psychiatric patients, each of whom believed he was “Jesus Christ”. It was a remarkable demonstration of how ego-based (and “self”-absolutizing) human beings characteristically confront one another, react to one another, deny one another’s existence, and work power-efforts relative to one another.
As Milton Rokeach relates, the process of these group meetings (at Michigan’s Ypsilanti State Hospital, in 1959-60) did not result in the “curing” of these three “self”-deluded individuals. Just so, the “dialogue” (so to speak) between all the separate power-entities in the world-tribal, national, or religious-never becomes the wholeness of humankind. No such “dialogue” can ever become the wholeness of humankind-because all of these tribal, national, and religious forms originated in a fragmented world of disunity, and they always seek to re-assert the absoluteness of their own inherently separate (and willfully separative) identities.
With the advent of global intercommunication, the existing power-forces in the world have become something like the three “Christ’s” of Ypsilanti. All of the presumed (and competing) human “absolutes” are now in the same room with one another-and they are never going to straighten out their relationships with one another, because their thinking is persistently and willfully based on the presumption of separateness, and their action/reaction engagements with one another are always dramatizations of the effort to be and do “self”-absoluteness, “self”-separativeness, and the willful domination of the “other”. Indeed, even if humankind–as a mass of six billion separate egos–got in the same room together, they would never manifest the self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process that would enable humankind to become unified as a whole. Separateness cannot manifest wholeness. Only prior unity can manifest wholeness.

Prior unity is not about six billion separate egos. Nor is prior unity about any particular collection of “big” egos. Prior unity is not about “three Christ’s” in the same room-or separate bodies of people, each from their own fragment of the world, who come together and are supposed to make a unity out of the persistently presumed disunity. Egos will never unify the world. Only egolessness (or inherent nonseparateness) is the principle of prior unity.
The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is a context in which the inherent principle of prior unity exercises itself, with the ability to make things happen–an ability that cannot be crushed by the “old” powers (whether political, social, or religious). In the Global Cooperative Forum I propose, all the “old” powers must join the whole–washing their flags, dropping their placards, leaving behind their name-tags, and simply functioning as part of the prior unity of humankind-as-a-whole.
No bringing of the “three Christ’s” into the same room will ever work-because the “three Christ’s” principle is based on separateness, disunity, and tribal representation. Tribes are not “it”. Tribes are what must be outgrown.

 The “three Christ’s” in the same room never becomes a unity, nor do they become relieved of their illusions. Rather, they simply persist in exercising their differences-because each one presumes to be an inviolable “absolute”. Such is the nature of egos. Such is the nature of tribes. Such is the nature of nation-states. Such is the nature of provincially-arising (and inherently tribal and non-universal) religions. Such is the nature of everything that presumes itself to be separate.
The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is about no presumption of separateness whatsoever. The Global Cooperative Forum I propose is about the presumption of prior unity and no-“difference”. Thus, the Global Cooperative Forum I propose is the context within which the self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening force of humankind (as a whole) can be exercised.
The self-organizing, self-correcting, and self-rightening process is not a process that is now happening on Earth.
Thus, the Global Cooperative Forum I propose represents a process that is not like anything that is already happening. Everything that is already happening is a form of the separate “Christ’s” confronting each other in the same room. Everything and everyone is now tending to function on that repetitively absurd principle. That mummery of absurdity is the enterprise wherein and whereby human egos imagine they can-make things right.
–Adi Da Samraj, from Not-Two Is Peace

*’Milton Rokeach, The Three Christ’s of Ypsilanti. A Psychological Study (New York: Columbia University Press. 1964).

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